Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blogger Baseball Weekend: Top 8 Quotes

This past weekend fellow bloggers Tommy and Rob, myself and and a non-blogger, Matt got together for a weekend of minor league baseball, great food, bloody marys, and general mischief. It was a tremendous three days that went by way too fast.

This was my first time meeting Tommy and Rob, and they are just as great in person as they are on their blogs.

What follows are the top 8 random quotes from the weekend... To the best of memory:

8. I brought the large can of Ly-sol.

7. Why aren't you flying your douchebag flag?

6. That ass belongs in the Smithsonian.

5. I have the right to be silent... I just don't have the ability.

4. ...We would wrap our 21 year old selves with our 21 year old douchebag flags and beat ourselves with bamboo sticks.

3. Sometimes I worry that Dean Wormer was right about that fat, drunk and stupid jive. But Fuck him. He's a fictional character.

2. Saturday morning at the bloody mary bar: (ESPN's) Rachel Nichols looks like she just did the walk of shame.

And perhaps the best line of the weekend:

1. She has a bigger 5-hole than Tony Esposito.

Thank you guys for everything... It was a blast!

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