Monday, January 9, 2012

Streetlight Manifesto, The Fox Theater, Pomona CA 12/22/11

   My last show of 2011 was Reel Big Fish. This is the 2nd Ska show I've reviewed. I'm not into Ska like I was  back when I was 15/16 years old but I went cause I won free tickets for a friend who didn't need em anymore.

First band was Radio Ruby Love(the hell is that!?). If I had made a "Worse Opener List of 2011" they'd be number 1. They sucked so much ass it wasn't even funny. While me and 80% of the crowed were booing them off stage they invited some saxophone player from Streetlight Manifesto to do a song with them. No excuses! These guys are dildos.

Up next was a reggae band named Lionaze. Pretty decent reggae. Got my head bopping and people started to skank and dance. OK I guess.
 Up next was Reel Big Fish. Nah they didn't headline but they should've. They played a good hour or so. Skank pit got huge right away and since that's the only dance I can do I joined in for a bit. They played all their classics from Trendy,Beer,and Sell Out. If your into Ska I recommend them for a live show. Tho im not into Ska as much,they do a great live show.

Headliners were Streetlight Manifesto.People were crazy for em and ive always tought they were just an thought Ska band. Set was good,crowed was great. I recognized some songs from a burned cd I got in middle school. They were ok,Not RBF good. After an hour or so me and Girlfriend decided to leave. Overall an ok free show.