Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 Grindcore Backyard shows, 12/3/11 & 1/1/12

 First show was in Lincoln Heights. Goner/Hoy Pinoy were supposed to headline but they didn't show/play. Oh well.

    First band was Set Aside For Genocide(or SAFG). Short but good set. Special Guest vocals from Valerie of Happy Pill Trauma. They have tapes for sale,hit em up!
Happy Pill Trauma was up. First time seeing them,they played a really short set but they rules. Me and my friend were amazed how a short 16 year old girl can sing evil brutal vocals like that. Split coming soon! Really good live!
Up next was MxJxC. They sounded really good but the singer was too drunk to keep up. They should be good more sober. Ill have to check em again.

One of my favorite local grinders, BrucexCampbell got added last minute. They got a new singer(one that does the harsh growls) and they sound better than ever. I can honestly say this was the best time I've seen em. New singer,new songs,and new album on the way. Fuckin great. My bud from up north was finally glad to see em.
After them was a Grind band named Dead Issue. Cant find much info on them but they were good.

Up next was a VS. set. So 2 bands set up and each take turns playing super fast. It was Sordo Vs. CancerxPatient.

Sordo,Grindviolence from Ventura(?) CA played the first song. Right away me and all the people there instantly became huge fans. They're songs were super fast,super short,and super fun. I recommend em to everyone. I hope to see em again and get a shirt. They wont the Vs. battle in my book.
CancerxPatient did a really great set as well. They mix their grind with Noise by adding some synth thing. Really fast and noisy. I recommend these guys too. CP and Sordo have a split together on tape. Get it!
Aputasos! ended the night. Better from last time I saw em. 2 new vocals. They had a decent set. Check em out! New songs soon!
Second gig was actually in my girlfriends garage. Her mom went to Vegas for the weekend,and Val from HPT needed a house to throw a show at. So after cleaning the garage im proud to announce that I helped out very little in the first,last minute GINAPALOOZA!                                                                                                       

Goner/Assworship didn't come. And Inner City Youth(same members as CancerxPatient) didn't play. Once again both Happy Pill Trauma and CxP did great sets again and the very few people that came so far.

New Grind band,Claws Up was next. It has both singers of BruceXCampbell plus my old high school friend Angie. This great 3 piece is like Brucexcampbell with female vocals. They don't have a demo but live they were real good.

Up next was local Grinders Warwhore. This show is one of their lasts since the drummers moving or something. Great set. Singer was cool to gimme their new demo. Download old one here. If you didn't see em,you missed out big time.

While I was being the door guy,A big van with a trailer pulled up. 2 bands from Up north who were touring had just finished playing a show and wanted to play ours. We said yes. They were all nice guys.

First touring band was Dcoi!(pronounced Decoy). I heard em in a magazine cd sampler in high school. They blend Street Punk with good ol fashioned 80s Hardcore. They played a really short set,but it was sick. If these guys ever come to your town please check em out. They gave me a copy of their new album,"When History Repeats Itself". Get that album!

Last band of the night and 2nd touring band was Side Effects. Street Punk mixed with Crust Punk. I had never heard of these guys before but they blew me away. They played very loud and heavy. Singer was walking everywhere and screaming. I liked em a lot. Listen to their 7' "Lessons In Fear". Good stuff.

Ginapalooza 2 coming soon!