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Turtle Boys Top Albums/EPS/ETC of 2011

Here it is! After long thought and writing I made my top favorite stuff for this year. Hope you like, and check out these bands.

                                       TOP 20 ALBUM

Killgasm- Bloodbath Of Satanic Vengeance
Debut album of Blackened Grindcore band from bay area. Think early Carcass meets Mayhem. Fast,nasty,and evil. Plus it ends with a Misfits cover. These guys have a future. I gotta see em live.

Lock Up-Necropolis Transparent
New album by Grind fuckers from the UK. Deathgrind at its best. Well its gotta be since Thomas Lindburg of Skitsystem,At The Gates,and Disfear is the frontman. Good stuff.

Rotting Out-Street Prowl
Another album by LAs favorite new Hardcore band. Vocalist change wasnt such a good move. Emotional strong lyrics(mainly about his Dad),fast aggressive,great hxc. Not as badass as This Is Just A Life,but ok.

Skeletonwitch-Forever Abomination
Another classic from Skeli. Can they make a shit album? I think not. Blackened Thrash/Death whatever you name it,it has it all. I didnt get to see em this year,but I wanna see em headline again.

I just heard this album and I freakin loved it. Black Metal + Crust Punk= these badboys from LA. I gotta see em live. You must as well. Its actually for free download. Free Download!

Bastard Noise-Skulldozer
Holy fuck! I actually loved this album. They're past albums were all static noise, but this one is more like Man Is the Bastard. New singer, Amie Artz saved this band. This is great. When I first saw 'em live I hated em. Now I love 'em. Worship the Skull.

Taake-Noregs Vaapen
This was a great solid Black Metal album. Amazing album. Evil banjo solos are evil.

Another genius album Varg has made us again. Tho not as amazing as last years,its still Burzum done right.


Wolves In The Throne Room-Celestial Lineage
AMAZING. 'Nuff said.


Owen Hart-Earth Control
Before WWE made em change thier name,The debuted this great Grindcore album. Long songs for Grind,but still sillyness. They are now Earth Control. But c'mon a band named after a dead wrestler is gotta be good.


Cannabis Corpse-Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
Stoner Death Metalheads have done it again. Instead of Cannibal Corpse song titles they've done Morbid Angel and Deicide. Like Cannibal,after theyre 3rd album theyre gonna get a new singer.

Retox-Ugly Animals
Debut album from Retox. Justin Pearson's work is always amazing. Not as fast as The Locust but faster as All Leather. This shit rules. See em live. Great show. JP we love you.

Wugazi-13 Chambers
This a mashup album of Wu-Tang Clan and Fugazi. This is amazing,I listen to it every morning. If you're into Wu-Tang or Fugazi...or not .. you'll dig this album. Jay-Z approved. Wugazi Is For The children. Free Download


AxCx - Wearing Out our Welcome
AxCx's last album. Instead of the usual 40 its just 10 songs. They ran out of ideas here. But Seth still made fun Nasum. Not a great last album, let alone AxCx album. But I loved it. RIP Seth


Despise You/Agoraphobic Nosebleed-And On And On.
Split album of the year. DY's part was HOLY SHEEET. Faster than Fast Powerviolence. Great fuckin stuff. AN's side was pretty good. AN side was great but not DY great.

Theyve done it again. Singapors Grindfuckers put out another great album. Fast,Grind,and all that jazz. Perfect Grind album once again.

Cerebral Ballzy-Cerebral Ballzy
Punk Rock with Hardcore is back. This album shouldve been made in the 80s cause this shit fuckin rules. Adult Swim loves this,and so should you.


Deafheaven-Roads To Judah
This album touched me emotionally. As lame as this sounds,it has the Black Metal formula minus satan,corpse paint,and all that jazz. Call em Hipster Black Metal if you want,but this album is one of the best albums of this year. Play it LOUD!!


Brutal Truth-End Time
Almost made no.1. Another solid album from one of my favorite Grind bands ever. Kevin Sharps slurry voice,Dan Lilkers loud bass,and Richards fast ass drums. I really loved this album. BT delivers a Grind record that will go down in history. Last song ends with 15 min of static noise. Wow.


Trap Them-Darker Handcraft
I give album of the year to Trap Them. The band that got me into grind. This album mixes Crust/Grind/Hardcore. The lyrics are great,musics great,vocals great,everything about it rules. TT contine to be one of my favorite bands,and this album makes me loves em more. Album of the year.

                                                    TOP 5 EP's

5 songs,5 minuets,and its free! Plus a guitar solo! What the fuck! Wormrot can you do no wrong?!

Trash Talk-Awake
One the leaders of New HxC put out another amazing release. These few songs are fast,strong,loud and perfect for stage diving. Trash Talk rules.


Graf Orlock-Doombox EP
Cinema grind band got a new singer and he RULES! 5 new songs about "hood movies". Gotta love it. Gorlock Forever!


Primate-Draw Back A Stump
Kevin Sharp Of Brutal Truth has made it #2 again with his new band Primate. Grind with Hardcore Punk influences. This shit was so good I actually love it better than Brutal Truths Endtime. Plus it has some dude from Masatdon. Ive gone bananas for this band.


If this was considered a full length, it'd be #1 on my album list replacing Trap Them. Like their past EP; He Had It Coming,I can play this all day,everyday. I seriously can. All songs are from movies, and fast loud and amazing. Milk was A Bad Idea is song of the year. This whole EP is music release of the year. ACxDC is one of my favorite bands ever,and this makes me love em more. If you don't believe this is the greatest release of 2011...I will fight you....that's no lie.

                         TOP 10 Demo's!
10.Lie Still

New PV band with members of Lack OF Interest. They took of the DL link but you can listen to it here.FFO Lack Of Interest,Spazz,Assholeparade.
Download n listen

9.Malpractice Insurence
Local Grind band.Very good demo they passed out at their show. FFO Carcass,Dahmer,Exhumed

8.Whats The Point!
Blackened Powerviolence. God damn it,I wanted to invent that!!!! FFO Charles Bronson,Deafheaven,Infest

7. Stresscase
Female fronted Powerviolence/Fastcore. FFO Punch,Fuck the Facts,
What Happens Next?

D-Beat Hardcore Crust. FFO Doom,Napalm Death,Seige.

5. InzaineFastcore,fastcore,fast. FFO Trash Talk,LxExAxRxN,JFA
Female fronted Grind. Members of Tension,InZaine,Hooded Justice. FFO Dropdead,Coke Bust,Ceremony

VeganNoise. FFO Man Is The Bastard,Disclose,Litmus Green

Raw Grindviolence at its best. FFO Despise You,Iron Lung,In Disgust

Meth head Grindviolence at its worst. FFO Anal Cunt,Insult,ACxDC

TOP 10 Live Bands

10. Rammstein(Jimmy Kimmel Live,Hollywood CA)
This was TV performance so I only saw 3 songs(or else they'd b higher on the list) The songs I saw were amazing. Too broke to see em do a full show. Fire,fire everywhere.

9. Paul Di'anno(Key Club,Hollywood)
Go a head and take shit,Di'Anno did a great fuckin job doing the classic Maiden songs. Luckily RJ got me in for free,so for only $6 I was able to see Paul sing the whole first Maiden album plus some Killers. Since the first two Maiden albums were my favorite albums,I really enjoyed this show.

8. Deafheaven-Redwood Bar,Downtown LA
Black Metal/Grindviolence show at a small place where only 40 people fitted. The singer didnt need corpse paint or black clothing to scare me. We Lifted him while he was screaming his dick off. Very Powerful performance. VERY fuckin loud.

7.Brutal Truth-The Blvd,Boyal Heights
I almost didnt get in,But im so glad I did. They played most of my favorite songs,And Dannny and Kevin were super cool with me. Screaming a long to Walking Corpse was fun.

6. Cro-Mags-The Roxy,Hollywood
I finally got to see these guys. Luckily it was free. Hardcore done right. Stage diving,moshing,screaming,PMA all over the place. Theyre a must live.

5. Municipal Waste-Glasshouse,Pomona
To me they made Scion Rockfest the most fun. Nothing beats your first Waste show. But them headlining is always fun. Stage Dives and Hi fives.

4.Leftover Crack-The Echoplex,LA
Crackrock Steady LoC puts out an amazing show,with me getting squished the whole time. Sing a longs,pits,and skanking.

3. AxCx's-The Blvd,Boyal Heights.
AxCx's last tour before Seths passing. Never I have been so excited seeing a frontman of a band. I was like a little girl when I took a pic with him. Seth was so fucked up he had to sit the whole show. We told em what to play. A night I will never forget. RIP

2.D.R.I.-Key Club Hollywood
Ive seen bands from Slayer,Cannibal Corpse,Ceremony,Waste,you name it. No band throws crazier shows than D.R.I. The whole place is just a big huge mess and they choose the perfect setlist. If you havent seen em live,youre missing out big time.

1. Metallica-Empire Polo Club,Indio
My first Metallica show. I wanted to cry. All I can say about it is HOLY SHIT.

Top 10 Openers
10.Lack Of Interest(For Brutal Truth/Bastard Noise
Legendary Powerviolence band Lack,refuses to ever headline. I dont know why they wernt on my list last year but they fuckin rule live. They always play the same set but its always fun.

9.Resistant Culture(for the failed California Dicord Fest
They were the last band to play before the cops ruined the fest. They were so good tho. Crust Punk mix with Native American music. I gotta see em again live.

8.Ghoul(For Dropdead)
Crossover Death/Thrash/Grinders put a really fun show. think The Mentors meet GWAR. Little bit of fake blood,silly lyrics,hard music,and guys in costumes. Too much fun.

7.PxBxS(For Hoy Pinoy)
These young Grinders put the best 5 minuet shows ever. Theyve became my friends but for a very young grindviolence band,they fuckin rule and are already getting a name for themselves.

6.Hooded Justice(For Gnarmagedon fest)
HxJx opened the fest which Agent Orange/DOA headlined and they did better than them. Hooded was one of my favorite local bands due to their chaotic,fun shows. They replaced thier singer so idk how to feel now. If you didnt see em,you missed out.

5.Ill Repute(For Gnarmagdeon Fest
Best band that played the fest in my opinion. Crazy fun like DRI/Waste/etc. NAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRDDDCCCCCOOOOOOREEEEE!!!!

4.Yeastie Boys(For T.S.O.L.)
Thee guys dress up as clowns,do punk covers in clown comedy,and throw balloons and toys everywhere. I saw em in a boat. Do the math.

3.Cerebral Ballzy(For Repulsion)
The singer has such great stage tactics. From jumping all over the bar,pissing off the audience,and making people crack their heads open. Yes this band rules.

2.Circle One(For Gnarmagedon)
My hometown heros. They did all the classic 80s material,and new singer Omar sings just like the late,great John Mascias. They even dedicated a song to me and my friend cause we were born and raised in Pico Rivera.

1.ACxDC(for Wormrot,Godstomper,They As In Them,Deadheaven,Dropdead

I saw em 5 times this year. Im obsessed with this band. They rule each time. Best 10 min of my life. I even get to sing a long at some shows. The band recognizes me now. I LOVE this band.

Fastcore,fastcore,fast. FFO Trash Talk,LxExAxRxN,JFA


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