Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mayhem Fest-San Manuel Ampitheather,San Bernadino CA, 7-9-11

Well no point in putting up a photo of a flyer. Cant find one and the date had a big change up anyway. Instead of In Flames we got  the thrash metal gods, Testament and instead of Megadeth we got the only cartoon band that matters...DETHKLOK!

This is my 2nd time seeing Testament. The last time I saw 'em I was WAYYYYYYYYYYY up in the balcony (I later sneaked down for Megadeth/Slayer) so I was happy that this time they were playing I was in the GA section. They did all their old material. It was ok and the metal heads were moshing in the desert so it was dusty as fuck. While fighting to breathe and see I enjoyed songs like "The New Order" and such. Though they're legendary I aint huge into them like I am with Exodus or Anthrax. Still they were great and I expect all of you to see 'em if they ever play with someone ya dig. Check out The Legacy. One of the best thrash albums ever.

Over the Wall
The Preacher
The New Order
More Than Meets The Eye
Into The Pit
Souls of Black
3 Days In Darkness

Up next was groove metal's (stupid name for a genre but great music) Machine Head. Being known for playing in  the style of Pantera and White Zombie I was somewhat eager to see 'em. Hardly anybody was there but some real fans were singing and yelling. Their music has changed a lot. I thought it was a simple Meh. Check out the album The Blackening.

Beautiful Mourning
Aesthetics of Hate

Machine Head
Up next was Nu-Metals very famous Godsmack. I'm not a fan. People went nuts for 'em when they played their '90s stuff and they had some cool drum/bongo solos. Pretty mellow hard rock. They were nice enough to invite Dimebag Darrels's fiance Rita on stage. We all cheered for her. I ain't a fan,but if you are you'll love 'em live.

Cryin' Like a Bitch
The Enemy
Forever Shamed
Straight Out of Line
Love Hate Sex Pain
Batalla de los Tambores
I Stand Alone

Up next was Disturbed. You know you liked em in the 90s while watching Seinfeld. I was excited to see them. But  honestly I could not get into it. They played Liberate (favorite song) and I was really into it but besides that, It was another "Meh ok". People were fucking nuts though. Mainly all bros and tough asshole types who were suffocating me and my girlfriend. Unless your really into 'em, don't see 'em. But I ain't sure if people still love nu-metal. Listen to The Sickness. Like all Nu-Metal bands,they were only good during their early years.

The Game
The Infection
The Animal
Inside the Fire
Another Way to Die
Ten Thousand Fists
Down with the Sickness

Up next was the band I was looking forward forward to the most. Thank Satan all those lame  motherfuckers left and I could be comfortable. No more assholes. We got to the rail and were ready for some cartoon metal. The real band was shown in shadows (having no light on them, still visible) but people mainly focused on the screen showing Dethklok music videos created exclusively for their live shows. I kept screaming and singing along to the words. When Dethklok plays it's more of a show than a concert... Or a combination of both? Gp see for yourself. Seriously. See this band live. Its a cartoon in Concert! Pick up The Deth Album and Dethalbum II now and if you've never seen the it, pick up the first 2 seasons of Metaloclypse.

3.Briefcase Full Of Guts
4.Burn the Earth
6.Birthday Dethday
7.Black Fire Upon Us
8.Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
9.The Gears
12.Go Into The Water