Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hoy Pinoy-Riff Haus-Fullerton,CA-7/15/11

Now let me tell you about some new friends of mine. They're called PxBxS (funny shit huh?). It stands for Pipe Bomb Suppository. Now I've met these dudes before. These guys are actually young; the lead singer is like 16. The sad part is he's more of a badass than I was when I was 16. After my girlfriend agreed to buying him cigs, he told us the history of PxBxS. They started, performed one show in February and then broke up. This was their 2nd show ever and they invited me to come, so I did.

The PxBxS kids set up the little equipment they had. They only brought their guitars. They borrowed everything else. They played their 5 minute set and kids were moshing. Even I was moshing, which I never really do. PxBxS is a band that I really wanna help take over the world. The lead singer was nice enough to gimmie a demo from when i first met him, and I LOVED it. I listened to that CD over and over. I'm so glad my friend texted me one day telling me about this band. Sick Grind/Powerviolence to the max. Im proud to be a PxBxS kid.

Pipe Bomb Suppository

Up next was a band called Civil Liberates. The bass player was wearing a dress and lipstick. He looked IDENTICAL to the guy from Dawson's Creek. He seemed like a real nice guy and I talked to him for a second or two. His band brought out this crossing guard cut of of a kid. It was a big hard plastic thing and they left it on the stage. People got to it and were throwing it around. Once it hit me directly in the face. Damn this was intense! People were moshing hard for this band. Now even tho Dawson hit me in the face, they were good and I liked them. Crack Rock Steady, you know like Leftover Crack? So it was bipolar with its Ska/Punk moments. That kid is also in a a Grind band called Tension who kicks ass who I hope to see soon. Violent friendly band. Gotta love it.

Civil Liberates
Up next was ska band named Not A Chance. They were pretty cool for what they do. I was kinda into their set and in this area of California, all the Ska is performed in Spanish. So hearing something different for once was cool.

Not a Chance
Up next was another Crack Rock band. My buddy Matt is the guitar player so it was great to finally see him live. They had their fast songs and slow songs and over all a really badass set. The singer was way into it, singing and getting naked but over all I really liked 'em. They're PSA and they're here to skank your shit up.

Up next was a Thrash band named Panzar. They were ok, and their singer was highly energetic and he was moshing around with the others. They had a badasss stage preformance, I give em that.

Finally I get to see Hoy Pinoy. A local LA powerviolence band who has made a name for themselves. By then a lot of  poeple (weenies) left and people who stayed were people who actually loved the band. I got up front for this and right away moshes started. Finally there was some stage diving and one person hurt the fuck out of my shoulder. They played a a very good set and people kept moshing and singing. This is a band you need to see if you love powerviolence. They fuckin rule. After the show they gave away two free shirts... I didn't get one. But I'll be seeing them soon.

Hoy Pinoy

Overall it was a great local show. These kind of shows are run by kids for kids. I was one of the oldest people there, no cholos, and hardly anyone there. The OC scene rules. And my homies in PBS made that flyer. Its Jar Jar Binks with Godzilla! Best flyer ever!