Friday, July 22, 2011

I Wasn't There That Day

The following was written by a pal of mine named Don Larkin. It's a poem (or lyrics if you'd rather) that he wrote in regards to a trial of a mutual friend of ours that was convicted of second degree murder last week. Don and I are both aware of the incidents that led up to this crime... And how it could have been avoided under different circumstances. But everybody knows that this is not how life works...

Our friend, who finally "had enough" of an abusive relationship, snapped and shot his girlfriend.

A man is flawed in the sense that he can only take so much abuse whether it's physical or verbal... . We all have the proverbial tipping point when we are vulnerable to taking extreme measures to gain instant satisfaction without a thought for consequences. During the trial, the prosecuting attorney tried to make our friend out to be a cold blooded killer who had been planning this attack for several weeks. I can guarantee that it wasn't that way at all... Our friend simply had enough and jumped off of the deep end. Unfortunately, the pool was empty.

It is what it is. My friend killed somebody and now he has to pay the penalty... Don attended the trial but I did not. I was never very good at going to weddings or funerals and I wasn't very good at going to this trial either. It's just one of those things.  According to Don, "All defense witnesses were asked as the last question during cross-examination....'were you there that day?'"

Jay, this one is for you.


Lady Justice is blind or so they all say
And by God we’re trying to keep her that way
Wrap her in suppression draped with objections
Just don’t ask me I wasn’t there that day

An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth
And what matters at night should matter today
But still I hear no screams for the truth
So please don’t ask me I wasn’t there that day

You grab the 1st stone, my hands will remain empty
I guess it’s just my hippie way
Don’t swear me in there ain’t gonna be no need
You can’t ask me I wasn’t there that day

You worry ‘bout yours I’ll worry ‘bout mine
Please be careful what you do and say
And me oh my what a high tan line
But don’t ask me I wasn’t there that day

It’s shaken my faith in God, guns and grins
Won’t somebody please make it all go away
Is the tally man really counting, counting all of my sins
Please let the record reflect I wasn’t there that day

So God bless all Mama’s, yes Lord please help ‘em
Find a drum circle where they all can sit down & pray
The rock will keep spinning with nobody winning
Just ask me I am right here today

(Written by Don Larkin)



Anonymous said...

This was a awesome write, It brought tears to my eyes.. I am sure if Jay could turn back time he would, we all know that even thou he held the gun, it wasnt truly him who shot it.. Overall it is a no win situation, and a very sad one at that.

Anonymous said...

... dude, you rock.... and so do your songs.....