Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cirque de Silly

The circus came to town today... Actually the house I'm staying at, In the form of a package.

The Yeasties with Pop Cornmonkey
(Who wouldn't pay to see this band?)
Dirt Clown of the world infamous Yeastie Boys was kind enough to send me a  bundle of goodies, which arrived at my doorstep this morning courtesy the United States Postal Service. I wouldn't have been more surprised (and delighted) if a miniature car pulled up and 15 clowns climbed out and presented the package to me themselves. It was a very random gesture filled with many random surprises... With an assortment of items that one might expect to receive from a serious clown musician.

There was a beautiful red Yeastie Boys T-shirt, several Yeastie Boys stickers, three Yeastie Boys buttons, a copy of The Yeastie Boys: Banned II CD, a ticket to a Yeastie Boys show at the Can Club in Garden Grove, California in which they are opening for The Angry Samoans, a novelty clown nose still in it's package, a Yeastie Boys 10 dollar bill that looks like it could be used in Monopoly, four unexplained raffle tickets (Hope I win something!), a photograph of a rubber bendable clown signed by Dirt himself along with Vinny da Clown and Pat Clown, two Hannah Montana guitar shaped lollipops, and a handful of string confetti.

Package from the Big Top
(Click to enlarge)
Simply put, it is the single most greatest package that I have ever received in my life.

Thank you Dirt!