Saturday, March 5, 2011

That's a real humdinger!

Cupcakes, life, love and the pursuit of happiness. This is what life is all about.
You're about to embark on a journey of wild ramblings and deep thoughts thanks to the PBR and whiskey consumed last night. You can thank me later ;)

In other words, this is my 'getting to know me' blog.

I was born 29 years ago...this was the decline of everything my parents knew and loved. They weren't ready for the rollercoaster ride they were about to embark on. As a child, my hobby was rearranging furniture, honestly. Ask my mother. I loved my Barbies and made my sister eat slug antlers. I was stubborn, always right, boisterous, and wanted to do everything my father did. I worked my way through school. School was more of a social gathering to me than anything to be taken seriously. I was constantly in trouble for talking, passing notes, picking at my nails...anything but paying attention for longer than 3 minutes. At the wise age of 16, I decided that my high school career was overrated and opted out. Having some hard earned cash was much more important to me than sitting in a classroom doodling on a grocery bag book cover. I chose a career piercing children's ears and selling senior citizens obnoxious hair accessories for their adorable granddaughters. After some time in the financially gainful world of retail, I decided school would be a good idea. I graduated from an alternative school, floundered my drug induced way through college and somehow managed to find myself with both an Associate of Arts degree as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree. I don't remember the details.

Rewinding a bit, my early twenties were full of debauchery on 180 levels. Nasty, immature relationships, drugs, booze, travels, and epiphanies were the constants in my life. Let me elaborate...

Lesson 1) The Wall got me through tremendous times, up until my early twenties, it's subliminal
messages made life seem much easier....Thank goodness I'm not Pink.

Lesson 2) No matter how deep the drug induced dream, being in a violent relationship is not necessary, healthy or productive and it never will be. No matter how much threatening and bribery are involved.

Lesson 3) Accountability is an absolute in life.

Lesson 4) Honey bear bongs ruled.

Lesson 5) Money's just money, you can't take it with you when you die. BUT, you can take the memories you created, remembered or not.

Lesson 6) Being happy is a wise choice. For one's self and those around you. It could ALWAYS be worse.

Lesson 7) There is nothing in this world that strokes my shaft as precisely and intensely as listening to music.

Lesson 8) There is much to be learned through years of dark basements, bartering, near death experiences and depravity.

This is what I recall, per my various sribblings on napkins, assembled to recall what was of my early twenties.
My mid twenties were spent in a dream world. This is also where I came to know many valuable faces and names that showed me what music was all about in Des Moines, IA. This is also when I discovered that my life will not end with "White Rabbit" and a grapefruit. This is where I came to realize that hard work will produce results and I am a valuable member of my team.

Now, on the brink of 30, I am eternally grateful for all the drama I've caused myself, all the awful predicaments I've gotten myself into and all the shady characters I've associated with. Through all the drama I've caused, I've learned what I'm capable of putting myself through and "what hasn't killed me has only made me stronger and wiser". All the predicaments I've gotten myself into have made for some damn great stories. And all the shady characters have taught me what type of people I really want in my life and have made me appreciate the amazingness that is YOU.

Now, I attend as many shows as I am able to....small and large. I have made a comfortable enough resting spot where I am able to provide myself with the immense entertainment that is life. Waste not, want not.
Over the past year, I have met people I never thought I would meet (soulmates), have seen bands I never thought I would see, have said things I never thought I would say and have done things I never thought I would do.

I will leave you with some facts:

Cupcakes, cat butts, PBR, tattoos, stickers and odd finds at thrift stores make me incredibly happy. Red Yeller, empty PBR's, reality TV, and saying goodnight to my friends makes me sad. There is no better way to romance me than presenting me with a vinyl. I HATE clowns and often ponder what kind of sick Nazi swamp monster would EVER think that clowns are entertaining for kids. It's as sick a joke as a male prostitute representing himself as a woman. I am finally confident enough to call myself stable and capable of loving myself and you. I am incredibly busy, but will always find time. I live under karma's sweet veil. I am a Sagittarius to a 'T'. I'm flighty, very offensive, social, impulsive, tactless and gluttonous. I have 3 cats who are my babies.

I will be bringing you news that I think you should know, ramblings and thoughts, because sharing is caring.

And with that, I bid you good day.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what comes out of my mouth, I can edit type, not my impulsive jowl.

Also....I'd like to thank Troy Church for welcoming me aboard and being a pioneering spirit in my life.

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