Sunday, March 27, 2011


Memphis sure does seem to be one hot place when in comes to music and evidence of that is the disk that I got sitting to my left right now. This Rhinestone River sure is one nice piece of sonic narcotics. Guitars that hit all the right spots, and a vocal delivery like a Quaalude shamble. This album exudes a dark, high lonesome sound; loose and sloppy, drunkenly majestic, this thing doesn't just sound good, it feels good. Garage, honky tonk blues, with a streak of menace. Kinda like a southern fried Velvet Underground. This thing makes the perfect soundtrack to those late night drinking jags with a good buddy or two, when profound revelations start to hit you harder than the booze; and certain answers to questions start to dimly make themselves known, sometimes to be forgotten by the coming of the morning sun. Or maybe you can make sure they have this handy at your local opium den, playing as the backdrop for a kif fueled delirium. The choice is yours, but no matter. Picking this up will be one of the nicest things that you will do for yourself all week.