Sunday, October 24, 2010

Strainer Synchronicity

Remember Michael Fox of The Strainers?

Michael Fox at Linko's in Colton, California

He was up late last night blasting out some YouTube videos and he came across "Shake, Shout & Go" by Brian Diamond & The Cutters. He said it was blasting in his mind all day today, so within the past few hours, he did his own recording of the song. It KICKS ASS... Give it a listen.

You can listen to the original version first, or the Strainers version... Or, as Michael himself suggests, watch one while listening to the other!

In Michael's own words: "Ok, turn the volume down on the second video below, turn up the volume on the Strainers video.Sync it up and start both videos at the same time." (Then, with the top video blaring loudly, watch the kids dance in the lower video. It's uncanny!)

The Strainers are for real folks... They are merely breaking out of their shell right now... But just give these guys just a little more time and it won't be long before they will be plastered all over your teenage daughter's bedroom walls.

If you are in the L.A. area on Halloween, be sure to check them out at The Back Door Lounge at 1250 E Mission in Pomona. $3.00 will get you in wearing a costume, and several years from now you can say that you were there.

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