Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Killer Show Alert: Agnostic Front

It's time... My time... Our time... For everyone to know.

Photo Credit - http://www.koutmedia.com/

This Saturday night these seasoned thrash punk rockers from New York are invading Des Moines and will be taking the stage at The Vaudville Mews. It's one of the biggest shows central Iowa has featured in a very long time.

The Riot Riot Upstart begins at 4:30 and will feature Mother of Mercy, Product of Waste, Knuckled Down and Crusader before Agnostic Front takes the reins. Tickets are on sale now, and don't delay. They only let about 250 people into the Mews before the fire marshall says "No more!"

You can purchase tickets online for 13 bucks, or you can take your chances at the door for $15. Chad Willey who is promoting the show through Metro Concerts Live recommends not waiting. "Please get your tickets ASAP... It will sell out!" He says adamantly. (And he's usually right about these things.)

Be one of the cool kids... Come to this show!

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