Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Evoked with The Maw and A Dead Hero

Recently we discussed the band The Maw here on the Bigfoot Diaries. It looks like Saturday night at the House of Bricks in Des Moines will be your next chance to catch them live. .

The Maw will be playing in support of regional act Evoked who hails from Appleton Wisconsin. Des Moines' own A Dead Hero will also be along for the ride. This is a Metro Concerts Live production.

From Evoked's website:

EVOKED ...brings a new and melodic yet heavy and deep sound to the heavy metal scene. Currently writing for their new album, the band is also celebrating the inking of a development deal with Artist Development and Managment firm, The Inner Light Agency.

Originally formed in 2002, the band released their debut album Inside in 2004 and was voted one of the best local bands of the year by heavy metal radio station Razor 94.7 FM.

The current line up came together in 2005, when bassist, Cliff Duda, drummer, Jaime Varela and lead guitarist/vocalist, Brian "Fret" Adams joined founding member, Jason Schumacher (lead vocals and rhythm guitar).

Evoked has since focused on writing new music and playing shows throughout the midwest, gaining new fans and climbing the ladder back to the top of the local music scene - evidenced in 2007, when the band locked a spot on the top 10 bands of the year list on Green Bay's local heavy station Razor 94.7.

In 2008, Evoked released Sign of The Seventh Seal Chapter One: The New Sessions. This release features the new signature Evoked sound and a breed of vocals that is unheard of in the heavy metal scene - powerful and pure.

2010 finds Evoked working on their new album and of course their inking with iLA. Damon Moreno of iLA says: "These guys are working very hard. I'm sure the best is yet to come for these guys."

So yeah... Be one of the cool kids and meet us there!

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