Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Orange Bowl: 1st Quarter Live Blogging

I have gotten a late start due to a hearty but enjoyable plate of chipped beef on toast, but I am going to attempt to Live Blog the Orange Bowl. But just the 1st quarter... Anybody can live blog the entire game, but over here we do things a bit differently. If you want the entire game, tune into your TV.

Iowa faces heavily favored Georgia Tech. Lets get this going...

Better late than never...

7:34 Stanzi hits McNutt in the end zone to cap an 80 yard, 7 play drive on Iowa's 2nd possession.

7:45 For a team that doesn't punt much, Georgia Tech sure is punting alot. I would liked to have seen them actually go for it on 4th and one... Not just try to pull Iowa offsides. Their spread offense doesn't seem to be phasing the Hawks, who's front line is causing problems for Tech's offensive line.

7:48 Defensive holding on Tech... Iowa seems to have all the momentum.

7:49 Just opened my first beer of the night, a Windmer Bros. Drop Top Amber Ale. Iowa RB Robinson gets a 15 yard gain around the left side.

7:51 Stanzi hit Sanderman for a 21 yard touchdown... Things are almost happening too fast for live blogging. Hawks up 14-0.

7:52 I take the first long chug out of my freshly opened bottle... Ahhh!

7:53 Georgia Tech receives the kickoff and prepares for another three and out.

7:55 Tech seems to be moving backward. 15 yard penalty on the right guard... Next play also goes backward... 3rd and 22.

7:57 Tech is punting AGAIN. Before facing the Hawks, Tech hadn't punted on 22 consecutive possessions.

7:59 Stanzi throws an interception on 2nd down... And it's a touchdown for Tech... Time for another beer.

8:02 Holy crap... Live blogging sucks... Everything is happening so fast.

8:03 End of 1st Quarter. Hawks lead 14-0.

Best commercial during the game so far...