Thursday, January 21, 2010

CB Radios and the NHL

In a perfect world I would be watching the Capitals/Penguins game right now. But alas, I did not opt for the NHL Package, so I am left to catch updates on this world wide web gadget, or while casually channel surfing, stopping briefly at ESPN to read the ticker for the latest.

Which brings me to this post... On Dish Network, channel 56 is showing the movie Convoy.

You all know the song... Breaker breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck... You copy that Pig Pen... Come on?

Yep, ensuing a strange trend that seemed to start in the '70s, Hollywood started making movies based off of songs that were played on the radio. In this case it was C.W. McCall who had written what later became the subject and soundtrack for this ridiculous movie. I mean come on, Pig Pen... Why ARE there 1000 screaming trucks breaking for the Jersey shore, smashing toll gates, and taking on the Illinois National Guard?

That part of the story was never made clear to me, in the song or the movie.

But then again this was 1978, when the citizens band radio was the coolest thing a feller could have. A good movie didn't have to have a reason for conflict, as long as it had semi-trucks smashing into police cars, a bar fight or two, and some smooth talking rednecks conversing back and forth on the ol' CB radio... And an old renegade cop who makes this pursuit the duty of his lifetime.

It's kind of like the Dukes of Hazzard meets Smokey and the Bandit meets The Cannonball Run. In fact, all of these movies, including Convoy are exactly the same. Each one features inept law enforcement, cunning trickery, beautiful women used as a distraction, and all of the other features I mentioned in the paragraph above. Each one was a blockbuster, and with the exception of the Dukes of Hazzard, which was a television show, all brought the entire family together in Dad's station wagon for an night at the drive-in theater.

I doubt if NHL hockey has ever done that. Still though, good buddy... I would rather be watching the game.

You copy?



Len Cleavelin said...

It's always killed me that the guy who wrote the music to "Convoy" (and may have been one of the backup musicians on the record) is Chip Davis. He later hit it big as the founder of Mannheim Steamroller. You know, that group many of us come to hate every Christmas season (ok, that other group. Trans-Siberian Orchestra is up there too. :) )

gooseneck said...

I know who Chip Davis is... And I get your Christmas sentiments entirely. What's interesting is how different the story line in the movie is compared to the song... In the song the convoy is breaking for the Jersey Shore, and take on the National Guard in Illinois... In the movie, they break for the Mexican border before the Rubber Duck gets his truck shot to pieces. Then, as if all is forgotten, the "evil cop" played by Ernest Borgnine sees that the RD has actually survived and starts laughing hysterically to end the movie... So '70s. (And why weren't any other truckers charged with crime?)

Yeah... Would have loved to seen the hockey game.

Len Cleavelin said...

Goose, Goose... Yer thinking too much. Take the advice of Mike and 'Bots:

Repeat to yourself, "It's just a show,
I should really just relax."

AKA: The MST3K Mantra.