Thursday, July 11, 2013

Samantha L. Thomas: Love Music Good for Seoul

Five weeks ago I had an idea and the idea grew into this with a little help from a few brave people and a lot of amazing individuals who wanted to show their love and support. Event planning is one of the most stressful, amazing, crazy experiences I have ever gone through. However with great people supporting your mission who are willing to step up and rock out, anything is possible.

Amazing crazy experiences...
Love Music was an event that cannot be translated into any language. Not to sound cliché but it was a moving experience to watch so many brilliant people who were so different and so alike to rock out to music and stand up to assist others.

Love Music brought bands back together, fueled passions and inspired individuals to think about being proactive in global communities. Nights like July 6th are rare, when you are moved beyond words and you are smiling, crying and laughing all the while trying to make sense of how on earth it all came together.  If people believe that art and music can’t bring people together then the cheap cocktails and the Soul of the city itself will.

Diamond Dog performs. All photos by Leah Ladner
July 6th brought a musical event that is one for the history books in Seoul, South Korea. Bringing together some epic bands to rock out for charity including Magna Fall (lead singer Kevin Heintz hails from the great state of Iowa), BlueSnake, Diamond Dog, Red Cha Cha and Samba Mamba also came to share their talents at the Love Music event that raised money and also launched Global Arts Therapy.

Red Cha Cha performs. 
Expat artists also showed up to participate in a "drink and draw" event which coincided with Love Music with the help of Jankara Studios. Global Arts Therapy’s first event not only hosted a plethora of talented artists and musicians it also brought an eclectic crowd of expats and South Koreans together to mingle and rock out for a great cause. To listen to BlueSnake play covers of Hendrix and Red Cha Cha covering Placebo and David Bowie songs was food for the Seoul. As Diamond Dog brought their own unique sound to the event, ranging from classic rock to grunge, Magna Fall also delivered a stellar set of handwritten lyrics and music, while Samba Mamba performed a mix of techno and rap beats. The event culminated an international crowd on an international mission-to bring art programs to developing countries.

I encourage you to visit to see what some incredibly talented expat artists are doing in Seoul and furthermore if you aren't Googling or Youtubing the bands in the article above, you are missing out on absolute amazingness. These people make me want to stay in Korea and never leave and I firmly believe their passions will further ignite fires in all of us.

Artists showed up to participate in a "Drink and Draw" event which
coincided with Love Music. 

-Samantha Lee Thomas, originally from Iowa is the founder of Global Arts Therapy, an international initiative that uses artwork as a power for healing. She organized the Love Music festival in South Korea where she currently lives.


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