Friday, July 12, 2013

Photo Blog: The Fleshtones in Iowa City 7/5/13

Last weekend The Fleshtones headlined the Friday night version of the Firecracker 500 at the Blue Moose Tap House in Iowa City. It was a rare opportunity to see the New York legends and for most of the night, they held the crowd in awe. Cveckian got some amazing shots. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Keith Streng of the Fleshtones chooses his
pedal. All photos by Cveckian unless otherwise
noted. (Click to enlarge.)

Fleshtones bassist Ken Fox plays along to "We Remember the Ramones." 

Bill Milhizer is an outstanding drummer. The entire band is incredible.

Keith Streng takes over Peter Zaremba's lead vocals for a song while Zaremba
focuses on the keyboards. 

Peter Zaremba  shares vox with Ken Fox. 

Keith Streng goes airborne mid song. 

One feature of the show was a Tom and Jerry-esque chase scene across
the stage. Zaremba would chase Streng to one end of the stage, where they'd
turn around and Streng would case Zaremba to the other. 

Cveckian captures a great shot of Fox, Zaremba and Streng mid-song.

Meanwhile, Milhizer still keeps the beat. There's a wide array of stickers on
Milhizer's bass drum. Note the Hed (PE) sticker, for one. 

Ken Fox plays an open E as Bill Milhizer lingers in the background.

Part of the Fleshtones "act" was, they would periodically stand like this
with their arms crossed out in front of them. I wasn't quite sure what it
represented, but the entire audience followed suit. Another "act"
was when the entire band would spontaneously spin in circles.
Again, the audience participated.  

Streng kicks up some dirt as Zaremba
belts out lyrics.

Fans watch as Zaremba shakes his maracas offstage. The gal is actually
Moselle Spiller of Crushed Out, who played in direct support
of the Fleshtones. 

The Fleshtone's set list. (Photo by T. Church.)

All photos by Cveckian, unless otherwise noted. Click on photos to enlarge. 


Anonymous said...

Represent! Great shots...nice to see a band having so much fun especially. SC

Anonymous said...

I doubt that's Bills drum set.

BFD said...

Probably right.