Monday, July 15, 2013

Bryan's List of Musical Happenings 7/15/13

Monday, July 15

Findlay family Funfest at Greenwood 7:00
Sierra Leone's Refuge All Stars at DG's Tap House, Ames 8:00 
Don Brown & Friends at Lot 33 8:00
Malcolm Holcombe w/ The Smoking Flowers at Vaudeville Mews 10:00

Tuesday, July 16

Emma Negete at Beaverdale Farmer's Market 4:30
Andy Fleming w/ Dewey Ford at El Bait 8:00
Acoustic-Beast at Greenwood 9:00

Wednesday, July 17

Reeferseed Express at Hull Avenue Tap 6:00
Sons of Gladys Kravitz at Throw Back Night, Zoo Brew 6:00
Bob Pace & the Dangerous Band at Zimm's 7:00
Josh Davis at Raccoon River Brewery 7:00
Plain White T's w/ The Wind and the Wave, Andrew Ripp at Wooly's 8:00
Infuzion at El Bait 8:00
Ben Wantland at Greenwood 8:30
World Music Wednesdays at Star Bar 9:00

Nick Knudsen joins JJ Express Friday night
in Newton. 
Thursday, July 18

Final Mix at Jasper Winery 6:00
Tony Valdez at Valley Junction, WDM 6:00
David Zollo at Coda Lounge, Savery Hotel 6:00
Andy Fleming at Confluence Brewery 7:00
Turnpike Troubadours w/ Bright Giant at Wooly's 8:00
The Soul Searchers at Greenwood 9:00
Gas Lamp's Open Jam ft. Fat Tuesday and the Greasefire Keys 9:00
Jenny Dalton w/ Why Make Clocks, Ira Grace & the Bible Belt Prophets at Vaudeville Mews 9:00

Friday, July 19

Work Release Party w/ Bob Pace & the Dangerous Band at Gas Lamp 4:30
Urbandale's Friday Fest: Faculty Lounge at Walker Johnston Complex, Urbandale 5:00
Hold On to Rock Band at Rendezvous on Riverview 5:30
Abby Normal at Snus HIll Winery, Madrid 6:30
Joseph Smith at Ritual Cafe 7:00
Dave Moore at the Grapevine, Clive 7:00
Jeremy Joyce at Mars Cafe 7:00
Luke Fox, Steve Kowbel, and Steve Noble at Peace Tree Brewery 7:00
High and Lonesome Reunion w/ David Zollo and Body Electric, Brother Trucker, Fancy Pants at Wooly's 8:00
James Biehn at the Underground 8:00
Floodplane at Mullets (Out Behind) 8:30
The Jitz w/ The Real Action & Ego at Gas Lamp 9:00
Three Legged Dawg at Greenwood 9:00
JJ Express w/ Nick Knudsen at First Avenue Speakeasy, Newton 9:00
The Sheet at the Standard Martini Bar 9:00
Viva Montessa, Handlebar, The Maw at House of Bricks 9:30
Christopher the Conquered w/ H.D. Hamsen & the Electrophones, Dylan Sires & Neighbors at Vaudeville Mews 10:00 

Saturday, July 20

Paige Harpin & Friends at Fire Creek, WDM 6:00
A.S. at Ritual Cafe 7:00
Bill Matykowski at Smokey Row 7:00
Muhlbauer & Smith at Madison County Winery, St. Charles 7:00
Danny Wolf and You Never Knew Me at Mars Cafe 7:00
Filthy Still w/ Yankee Cockfight, Antoine Dukes and Rachel Kate at Gas Lamp 8:00
Randy Burke and the Prisoners at Raccoon River Brewery 9:00
Heath Alan Band at Greenwood 9:00
Justin Time, D-phEkt at Underground 9:00
Guilty Pleasures at Star Bar 9:00
Blackburner at Vaudeville Mews 10:00

Sunday, July 21

Gruve at Snus Hill Winery, Madrid 2:00
Reverend Raven and the Chain Smoking Alter Boys at Summerset Winery, Indianola 3:00
Dave Moore at Byron's, Pomeroy 5:00
Wayne Hancock w/ Randy Burke and the Prisoners at Gas Lamp 7:00
Dan Navarro w/ Chad Elliott & Bonita Crowe at the Grapevine, Clive 7:00
Fruition at El Bait 8:00
World Beat at Star Bar 9:00

Thanks to Bryan Farland for his weekly contribution. We appreciate the hard work it takes to compile this weekly list. Additions/corrections always appreciated.

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