Thursday, July 18, 2013

Poet Don Larkin: Skittles


In this land of the free and home of the brave
There’s a young black kid dead in his grave
A hoodie and skittles and dark skin at night
How can this cause such incredible fright

What the hell is he doing, yeah what’s he up to 
Be the judge and the jury, it’s all up to you
Walking and talking and heading to Dad’s
Tell me now Georgie, does that sound so bad

What could you see as he walked in your ‘hood
How could you tell he was up to no good
Courage in a holster and no balls in your pants
Judge and the jury and no second chance

Call 911 but do not back down
Be a big man, yeah clean up your town
They always get away, you gotta keep them in their place
So holster your courage then start on the chase

Call him suspicious but never mention a crime
Be the judge and the jury armed with a nine
Georgie the watchman, he’s just keepin’ it real
Like Batman and Robin and the man of steel

The neighbors rest easy when he’s on the job
He’s got their back, and says it’s no prob
Shit doesn’t happen on old Georgie’s watch
He’s the judge and the jury and his nine has a notch

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