Sunday, May 26, 2013

Drasbury to Play Reunion Show at Wooly's July 27

Jeff Banks announced today that Drasbury will be playing a reunion show at Wooly's on July 27. This will be the first time the band has played in public since 2009 when they reformed for a night in July at the House of Bricks. 

In the late '80s and the early '90s, it was pretty hard to find another band that encompassed the energy that Drasbury did. Their live shows were legendary, and were prone to sell out on any night of the week. Keep in mind, this was before the internet; shows were promoted by word of mouth, posting bills on telephone poles or through the Des Moines Register's Datebook section.

(L-R) Banks, Christie (front), Lehl, Donovan, and Jansen circa 1991

"With due respect to Slipknot, Drasbury is in my opinion the greatest band to come out of Des Moines," said Ned Rood, who for many years worked at Peeple's Records. "Slipknot is a tremendous band, but Drasbury had that little something that nobody else had." 

Now, years later, one can only assume that each band member is that much better at playing his respective instruments. As veteran musicians, it will be interesting to see if their styles have evolved over time. 

Drasbury is Shannon Christy (vox), Heath Jansen (drums), Mark Donovon (bass), Benjamin Lehl (guitar), and Jeff Banks (lead). Ticket information will be forthcoming. The James Biehn Band will kick off the party.



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