Monday, May 20, 2013

Bigfoot Diaries Live! # 2 (3/24/13) with Jacob County and Brolester Records' Jeremiah Tuhn

Here is the Bigfoot Diaries Live! 2nd broadcast, recorded on March 24, 2013. It is straight off of the soundboard from the Webcast One Live Studios, and is an exact replica of the live version. This is the first time it has been released in it's entirety. We sincerely apologize for it's delay.

Jeremiah Tuhn (co-owner of Brolester Records) joins us and we talk about what it takes to build a record label from the ground floor, and how "success" is weighed when making and selling records in the digital age. He offers great insight in how his business plan changed over time to meet the demand of his product, and how operating a record company has affected the way he looks at the music scene.

Also joining us is the incomparable Jacob County who debuts a new song live in the studio called "My Time." He reminds us why is he one of the most regarded guitar players/ songwrirters to have ever come out of the state of Iowa. He then wraps it up with the rambunctious "Ice on my Sidewalk." Jacob County is an American treasure.  

Meanwhile, the host is a bit rusty... 


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