Sunday, May 12, 2013

BFD Poet Don Larkin - Mother's Day Edition 2013


I hear her in the hallway coming for my door
                       I love to hear her little feet walking on our floor
She pushes the door wide open and stands there with a grin
“Good morning Poppa, are you awake, can I come on in?”

Come on in, yes I’m awake, let’s start this day off right
Climb on up Lexie Lou but please don’t turn on the light
Poppa needs a little more time yeah he’s a sleepyhead
But you can come on in and snuggle in Poppa’s big old bed

Lay down beside me, let me smell your soft sweet curls
Pull my beard and check my teeth you’re such a busy girl
She says “C’mon Poppa, please get up, we need to start this day”
She needs to start her day off right yes it’s time for her to play

Then it’s off of my bed, down the hall headed for the kitchen
Its breakfast time at Grammie’s & Lexie’s on a mission
“Good morning Grammie, I need kisses and please a bite to eat”
Grammie gives her kisses and says “thanks for sayin’ please”

She toddles off to play, her blonde curls still a nighttime mess
Sights and sounds of family, thank you Lord, I’ve been blessed
Some days it seems like life just keeps on getting better
Day’s with Lexie & her Grammie, precious time spent together



Elaine L. Orr said...

This is terrific. I like the beat as well as the words.