Monday, May 13, 2013

Bryan's List of Musical Happenings 5/13/13

Monday, May 15

Sutherland, Ankum, and Thompson at Greenwood 7:00
American Fang, Switchblade Saturdays at Wooly's 7:00
The Midnight Ghost Train at Gas Lamp 9:00

Tuesday, May 14

Lindgren & Lewis at Greenwood 7:30
Andy Fleming at El Bait 8:00
Spongecake & The Fluff Ramblers, Smoothsayers, Chick with Dick at Vaudeville Mews 8:30
Jen Allen, The Getaway Scene and Airport Novels at the Hull Ave. Tavern 9:00

Jeff Banks joins us in the studio Sunday night during Bigfoot Diaries Live!. 

Wednesday, May 15

The High Roller Express at Hull Avenue Tavern 6:00 ($1.00 Beers too!)
Brian Congdon at Fire Creek, WDM 6:30
Gurf Morlix CD Release Party w/ Andy and Mike from Brother Trucker at House of Bricks 7:00              
Bob Pace and the Dangerous Band at Zimm's 7:00
Stephen Simmons at Raccoon River Brewery 7:30
R.S.V.P. at El Bait 8:00
Stevan Robinson at the Greenwood 8:00
Opeth w/ Katatonia at Wooly's 8:00
World Music Wednesdays at Star Bar 9:00
Gas Lamp's Writer's Round at Gas Lamp 9:00

Thursday, May 16

Throwing Toast at Music in the Junction, WDM 5:30
Boomerang at Jasper Winery 6:00
David Zollo at Coda Lounge, Savery Hotel 6:00
The Iguanas at Gas Lamp 7:00
Stephen Simmons at Confluence Brewing Co. 7:00
The Sheet Duo at the Longest Yard, WDM 8:00
Open Jam w/ Fat Tuesday and the Greasefire Keys at Gas Lamp 9:00
The Soul Searchers at Greenwood 9:00

Friday, May 17

Nick Leo @ Cafe Barratas, State Historical Museum 11:30 AM
Work Release Party w/ Bob Pace & Dangerous Band at Gas Lamp 4:30
Ancients, Bloodtied, Junkienun, Violent Fade at House of Bricks 5:00
The Sheet Duo at West Cabaret 5:00
Stuart Davis at Vaudeville Mews 6:30
Bebad and his Case of the Blues at Snus Hill Winery, Madrid 6:30
Chad Elliott 2nd Annual UNSUNG Concert at the Grapevine, Clive 7:00
Kenny Stratton at Ritual Cafe 7:00
Thankful Dirt at Fire Creek 7:00
Insane Clown Posse at Val Air Ballroom 8:00
Infuzion at Greenwood 9:00
James Biehn at Gas Lamp 9:00
Justin Time, D-PHeKT, Kabuki at Underground 9:00
The Sundogs at DG's Tap House, Ames 9:00

Saturday, May 18

David Zollo & Brian Cooper at Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center, Cumming 5:30
Bill Matykowski at Smokey Row 7:00
Faith Thompson and Brad Meyers at Mars Cafe  7:00
The High Crest at Ritual Cafe 7:00
Noche Latina at House of Bricks 7:00
Relient K, Hellogoodbye, Bill Beckett, Mike Mains & the Branches at Wooly's 7:00
Craig Erickson at 1st Avenue Speakeasy, Newton 9:00
The Sundogs at Java Joe's 4th Street Theater 9:00
James Biehn & Band at Raccoon River Brewery 9:00
King of the Tramps w/ The Young Funk at DG's Tap House, Ames 9:00
Have Your Cake (Cake Tribute) at Gas Lamp 9:00
Sutherland, Ankum, and Thompson at Star Bar 9:00
Heath Alan Band at Greenwood 9:00
Randy Burke and the Prisoners at Vaudeville Mews 9:30

Sunday, May 19

Tony Valdez at Snus Hill Winery, Madrid 2:00
Bobcats at Summerset Winery, Indianola 3:00
The Sundogs at Byron's, Pomeroy 5:00
BeJae Fleming & Jackie Blount w/ Chad Elliott and Bonita Crowe at The Grapevine, Clive 6:00
Coco Montoya at Gas Lamp 7:00
Jeff Banks on Bigfoot Diaries Live! (Live stream from this website)
Chad Elliott at El Bait 8:00
World Music Sundays at Star Bar 9:00