Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Trash Talk-Chain Reaction- Anaheim,CA- 7/19/12

After finally breaking my Magrudergrind cure this year,I also broke my Trash Talk one,which really made me happy. Trash Talk was touring with rapper Spaceghostpurrp so this made it a HxC/Rap tour. Each stop had both genre openers which made this really unique. This made the show even more exciting. I was super afraid that it was gonna sell out. I went early and got a ticket.

First rapper was a dude named Alexander Spit. He started with saying how he loved being in a show that mixed Hip-Hop and Punk. He rapped pretty fast and had the Hip-Hop fans moshing and jumping a long. We all raised our hands to the air like we didn't care. He had a guest women singer who helped him out for one song. It was a really sick Rap song. I talked to him for a bit after the show and was a super nice guy. This guy gives all his music for free online which is really cool in my book. If you like Rap give this guy a chance. This ain't your typical mainstream rap. This shit rules. Download and info here.
 Bay area hxc kids Sabertooth Zombie was up. They haven't played here in so cal since the first Gnarmaggedon so a lot of people probably went for them. They got on stage and yelled "FREAKS TO THE FRONT!" Kids pushed up all close and they delivered one insane performance. There was 2 pits. One pure moshing and the other pure hxc dancing. I thought that was actually pretty cool. Plus lets not forget the kids upfront stage diving and singing a long. Tho this set list was weaker than last times,they were way better live this time. They once again insulted So Cal for having weak weed and crappy baseball teams. They where super great. I hear they might break up so go catch em foos and listen to their album, "Midnight Venom" .
For some reason Spaceghostpurrp didn't headline and went up next. Some dude introduced him and stayed to back up him up the rest of the set. SGP came out and the Swag Hip-Hop kids got super excited. Kids began to stage dive,mosh,and take cell phone pictures. His Rap songs where kinda typical but the music was actually pretty good. Most kids sang a long to his songs. He got an encore and was loved by many. I thought he was cool.
Finally Trash Talk  hit the stage. As soon the drums started kids got on stage and got kicked by 4 different people in one second. That second the whole place erupted in the small tiny place. It got hot and I was singing.  Front man Lee had us all fighting for the mic. During one song he had us all fist bang in motion. The next one he forced us all to sit down. We all screamed in motion JESUS IS IN ME. After that it erupted into a big ass pit again. Lee announced that there was a special guest. We already knew it was famous Rapper Tyler,The Creator from OFWGKTA. We knew since he popped out and smiled at us. He sang his song Radicals with TT(he calls the mash up TrashxWang)and the place went insane with us singing "Kill People,Burn Shit,Fuck Skool!" And that it went crazier with Explode. I couldn't get onto stage,and when I did I was super dead tired. This is is the most tiring show I have ever been too. Check out TT's album Eyes and Nines. This is HxC. and for good rap listen to OFWGKTA.
 Dogman (New song)
Walking Disease
Manifest Destination
Blind Evolution
F.Y.R.A./Worthless Nights
Well Of Souls
Hash Wednesday
Babylon, CA
#9 (New song)
Sacramento Is Dead
Radicals(with Tyler, The Creator)
Lepers To Feed The Lepers
Birth Plague Die