Friday, July 20, 2012

"Dead Moans, Ia" Zombie Flick Premiers TONIGHT!

"Dead Moans, Ia" is the brainchild of Ether, the head honcho at Starving Iguanas. And while it's yet another zombie flick, this one is different because it was shot mostly with regular people whom Ether encountered during his travels.

Starving Iguanas present "Dead Moans."

Ether, who proclaims himself "Voluntarily Houseless," is in constant travel, whittling his way across the country in the sense of the American hobo, a vagabond who is as likely to hitch a ride on the Union Pacific as he is to hitchhike a ride with you to his next destination. It is along these travels that he gathered the inspiration for this film, and it's in his travels that the film came together, with characters based off real people he has encountered, and actors and actresses handpicked from the same pool. In many cases, the actors and actresses plays themselves, in an impromptu situation, as most of the film is based without script, although one might not realize that when watching it.

The show will premier tomorrow night at 7:00 in Carlisle, Iowa. The movie will be projected onto the side of a barn, so it should really offer the effect of Zombieness... Spectators will be gathered around on lawn chairs and blankets, outside in the elements to watch this viewing.

The address for this event is 3592 183rd Ave, Carlisle, IA. Use GPS, or Mapquest for best results.


From the Dead Moans, Ia. Premier event Facebook page:

What we will provide:

1. We have secured a spot just East of Carlisle, IA a mile or two.

2. A bad ass time and a keg of beer.

3. Movie theater popcorn...okay, I lied...we aren't that fucking awesome! A few guys can only do so much people!

4. We will have professional DVD's, different styles of 'Dead Moans, IA' shirts and bandannas as well as other badass merchandise (printed locally) and lots of free Dead Moans, IA patches for anyone who wants one!

5. Camping if you set up a tent. There also is Webb's campground down the road if you wish to check out that facility (pretty nice).

What YOU will provide:

1. BRING LAWN CHAIRS or blankets to sit on... there is flat mowed area to set up shop for a nice view of the projected film.

2. Tents if you plan on camping.

3. Beer.

4. A face for the owning.

5 Cash for Dead Moans Merch... 'cuz you can't buy merch with food stamps! (you can only fund a zombie film with food stamps!)


Theatrical Trailer for Dead Moans:

This event is FREE... Go and support your local arts!


Pertinent Links:

Starving Iguanas Official Website

Starving Iguanas FB Page


Starving Iguanas said...

Thanks Troy! I appreciate your words and support! The premier went awesome and we are proud to be part of and help support the Des Moines artists and bands that all helped out on making this film! Thanks again!

T.Church said...

You are welcome, bro. Glad to be on board for this.