Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gnarmageddon II-The Observeratory-Santa Ana,CA-6/23/12

 This was a show Ive been excited for since last years Gnarmageddon. This years line up blew away last years and 2 months before I thought I wasn't going to go due to my sisters wedding party. I found out the day before that the party was canceled so right away I figured stuff out and made the little trip. This years flyer only change was that The Infamous..... Gehenna was not able to play. This was pretty bumming news since Iver been wanting to see em for a while now but oh well. Check em out anyway,Blackened HxC.

First band(and local unknown band,Gnar is cool to do that) was Pop Punk band Aukerman. They obviously get their name from the Descendents lead singer but I wasn't a fan. I got a more Blink-182 vibe so I sat these guys out. Sorry dudes! But if you like Pop Punk check em out.
 Second band was Texas Powerviolence Chest Pain. I made sure I made it early so I can make it to see them(and to get a ticket). They were the first band on the main stage(I had to go back n forth from each band until the last 3 bands,kinda annoying but it saved time). They did a descent PV set with full on aggression even tho they were on a big stage and the crowed was a bit small. The singer kept joking how everyone came just to see them(kinda true!) and that they only started the band to get into shows for free. Awesome Powerviolence from awesome people. Plus a Lack Of Interest Cover. They started the Fun ness of the day for me. Download their sick 7' here!
Once again I saw one of my local favorites, HxC Hordes. They played their usual sick set but the singer had a mask one this time. Gotta love Hordes homie!
  Trench Rot hit the main stage.  So cal band that describes themselves as “Negative Approach style Hardcore mixed with brutal Scandi D-Beat” and I agree. Last time I saw em they played as a two piece and did ok but with a full line up they're a total powerful band. They give a strong performance. Check out their 7'.
The men who made the fest possible Media Blitz played the mini stage and made kids go nuts. They put on a sick hxc set and had kids stage diving and singing along to songs like Never Grow Up. They ended it the set with a Dead Kennedy's cover of California Uber Alles. Once again I would like to thank MB for once again again making such an amazing fest possible and doing it for the kids.
From St. Paul Minneapolis comes In Defence. A fun Thrashcore band that loves interacting with the crowed. I missed em last time they came so seeing them now was well worth it. They played songs with silly lyrics and hardcore music. Songs like "Call More Dudes" and "No Wars But Star Wars" had some of us singing a long and headbanging. Singer kept making jokes on how old skool bands originally sang  about pizza instead of politics. Such a fan band. Check out Party Lines and Politics!
For the millionth time i saw ACxDC play. Heres a video of their performance that day at the small stage. I come out crowd surfing at the 7:03 mark.
 Back at the main stage was HxC band Soul Search. Full with breakdowns and HxC dancing I enjoyed this band a lot. The only time that night the pit was full of Hardcore dancing. Not many people enjoyed em but I loved em and thought they did a great set. Check em out! Stop being closed minded punks! This band rules hard.
Up next on the mini stage was Thrashcore/Hardcore from D.C.,Coke Bust. I also missed em last time and was excited as fuck that I was able to catch them. They played a pretty violent set as I predicted and SxE speeches where made. I even got in the pit for them(that's how much they rule). Don't believe me? Listen to Lines In The Sand. Great fast shit. The drummer Chris had to play again with the next band. Gotta give him cred.
Finally. The band I was most excited to see next on the main stage. After 3 fails of going to their shows and missing them I was finally going to get to see Magrudergrind, one of my favorite bands ever. The guitar amp turned on and people were already going crazy. As soon as  front man Avi let out his first grunt I went ape shit with the people around me and sang my ass off. They mentioned how last time they came was for California Discord Fest and how it was a fail but the house show was fun.(I went,and missed the house show by 2 min). I got my boogie board jumped on someone and surfed all over. They did such an amazing set. Later I went to to their merch booth and told Avi my bad luck story with them. He laughed and we talked a bit. I bought their exclusive shirt to CDF from as i felt i deserved to own now since I finally saw em. They fucking rule. Check out their self titled full length. This is Grindcore.
Another band i was stoked to see was Dangers. They where the last band on the mini stage(schedule was changed due to Chris Moore being in both Coke Bust and Magrudergrind).  They played a solid set with kids going on stage and singing a long as well as me yelling lyrics to stuff. I honestly wish I could've enjoyed cm more but they're set was too short for me. Great tho. Check out their  Anger LP. So good.
Knife Fight was next. I sat down for them but they're sick Thrashcore feat. members of Terror,Nails,and Trench rot. Super fast,super sick.
Stalag 13 was the first headliner. They're a legendary 80s Nardcore band who reunited for a few shows this summer. I got up from being tired to see these guys upfront. Holy crap they started and the place erupted. They played most of their only album, "In Control" and even some Minor Threat and Aggression covers. The audience sang a long to all their songs. Lead singer had the most energy that night out of the front man. He lives in Australia now so if you missed these select shows you missed out. But no worries,they have new music coming out soon. They played some new songs and they ruled. For now just listen to In Control and listen to it religiously. NARDCOOOOOREEE!

Final headliner was the legendary Hardcore Punk band,Negative Approach. They hardly come to the west coast so I was super excited to see these guys. I got all the way to the front. They started and it got tighter than ever. I screamed my dick off to my favorite songs like Sick Of Talk,Why Be Somthing That You're Not?,and everyone favorite HxC song,Ready To Fight. Members of the opening bands were on  the side of the stage singing from there spot. When their personal favorite song came out they stage dived into the audience. Ready To Fight had all those kids sing with lead singer John Brannon. John vocals have changed over the years. I heard more of a Black Metal/Grind vocals than the usual hxc ones,which actually made them like em way more than I already. They did most of their discography including two covers of Oi! bands Sham69 and 4-Skins. Overall they ended the greatest fest of the year with a bang. They ruled so hard. Check out their Total Recall(discography) album and see em live! Gnarmaggedon II is show/fest of the year.

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