Sunday, July 29, 2012

Phobia-The Glasshouse-Pomona,CA-7/21/12

Scion (haters gonna hate) put on another Phobia show since I missed the last one. They got Skarp and Total Fucking Destruction to open. Hooray for free Grind shows.

First band was Seas Will Rise. A Crust/HXC band with ex members of Landmine Marathon. Like Landmine then did have aggressive vocals. Punky Death Metal? Fuck I don't know,its just crust influenced hardcore. And it rules. They're not so known unlike Landmine so please give em a listen. They were cool enough to give out free pins/stickers and that's cool in my book. Download their EP here!
The next band was one of the main reasons a lot of people showed up. Skarp- Grind from Seattle that mixes other things in between. They haven't been to LA in 5 years or so so it was a big deal. Kids finally started pitting and screaming a long to lead vocalist Renee Betts vocals. They played a good solid set. They ended with an Op Ivy cover. I got a free magazine later which interviewed all the bands that played. Unfortunately they plan to break up real soon due to Renee just having a kid or something. Sucks if you missed em. Black Out Grind! Download here!
The band I mainly went for was Total Fucking Destruction. Featuring drummer Rich Hoak of Brutal Truth. For some lame reason all the people left outside for Skarp so very few people were there for TFD. This was their first show in Cali so I went upfront for them. They play very unique Grindcore. All 3 of them sing. I kept shouting my favorite songs but no luck. They were OK live(I expected better) but I still enjoyed em. After I talked to Rich about shows,TFD,and Brutal Truth. Super nice guy. Would've bought a shirt if I wasn't broke.  Download here!
  Up next was Sludge/Crust band Morne. And even tho they had Disrupts drummer,I couldn't get into em. You know me,I don't like Sludge :(. But if you do,download here.
 Finally I got to see OC Grinders Phobia. They got on stage and lead singer Shane The Pain muttered a lot of drunken stuff. It was awesome. I believe he was complaining about a hungover and other stuff.  He seems like a cool dude. Anyways even tho Phobia played the best set of the day(same with Skarp) they played super short. They played a good amount of songs and Shane did an amazing job with the vocals. After a few songs and a beer or two they were done. Everyone was wondering why but that's Grindcore for you. Even tho it was super short it was a great set. See Phobia if they're ever near you. Download here!

  1. Bring the War
  2. So Full of Hate
  3. Savannah's Assault
  4. Fuck What You Think
  5. Drunken Spree of Violence
  6. Rise Up
  7. Rehashed
  8. Dying for Who?
  9. Death to False Punks
  10. Blind Arrogance
  11. Ultimate Suffering
  12. If You Used to Be Punk, Then You Never Were
  13. Selfish Minds
  14. Cheap Life
  15. Cruel
  16. Beer, Bitches and Bulletbelts
  17. Get Up and Kill
  18. Instruments of Deception
  19. Contest to Amend

Special shout out to Moshpit Tragedy records. They have a pay-what-you-want policy and that rules hard. They gave out free shirts/sweaters but I realized they were free when it was too late :(. I got a patch tho. So go download great bands from these great guys. Pay from One cent to a $100 for an album. Or download it for free!  All download links today (except SWR) brought to you by

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Thanks for the shout out! Glad you liked the show man, it was a blast.