Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nasum-The Black Castle,Los Angeles CA-5/30/12

Nasum was a legendary Swedish  Grindcore band from 1992-2004 that has influenced Grind bands all over the world. In 2004 lead singer Mieszko Talarczyk was tragically killed while on vacation due to a tsunami and that was the end of Nasum. In October 2011 the remaining band member's announced a proper farewell tour in 2012 to celebrate their 20th anniversary. To take over vocal duties was none other than Keijo Niinimaa of Finnish Grindcore band Rotten Sound. They started doing big Fests worldwide but a did a handful of shows in USA including this one which was Nasums first and last show ever in Los Angeles. A show I couldn't miss. Plus the opening acts where badass.
  First opening band was Early Graves. Hardcore from San Francisco who also lost their original singer,Mahk Daniels due to tragic car accident in 08. Last time I saw Early Graves open for Cro-Mags a few months back,I've been a huge fan of them and was excited to see em again. They got on stage and started with one of my favorite songs,Goner. Tho there hardly people there they still gave it their 100% aggression. After a while a kid started a little pit. Tho they had a short set I enjoyed em a lot. I later talk to singer John Strachanand told him how much I enjoyed their set and his other band The Funeral Pyre. Listen to their EPs We:The Guillotine and Goner.
 Up next was LA's Nausea. No not the Crust band from New York,this is Grindcore legends NAUSEA from Los Angeles which has Oscar Garcia on lead vocals who was the original singer of Grindcore pioneers Terrorizer. So to make it clear,this is the Nausea that matters. Nausea hasn't played in a while,this was their 2nd show since there return(First was Maryland Deathfest!). Oscar still has his brutal vocals. They played two Terrorizer songs and the whole place turned to a pit. If Nausea ever comes you gotta see em. Total old skool Grind from one its founding fathers. Check out their album Christ Against Humanity and Terrorizers classic, World Downfall.
 On tour with Nasum's Californian dates was Phoenix Arizona's Female fronted Death Metalheads Landmine Marathon. They're quite known all over the metal world now for a while so seeing them has been on my list for a long time now. Attractive lead singer Grace Perry came on stage all innocent. When the music started she looked like she was possessed by the devil and screamed at us int he most brutal Death Metal/Grind vocals I've ever heard from a female. The audience enjoyed them a lot and a bunch of headbanging was going on. They played a great set but next time I see em I hope its them headlining. Check out their latest album Gallows.
Finally it was time for Nasum. They all got on stage and gave me the most amazing Grindcore set I've seen. 45 minutes of songs from all 4 of their albums: Inhale/Exhale,Human 2.0,Helvete,and Shift. All of us where singing a long and stage diving. The vocals were a perfect substitute and the members looked like they were having the time of their lives. People were pushing to the front just to sing and head bang near em. Its seriously the best Grind show I've been too. I wanna describe more but you had to be there. They gave us an encore and left us for good. Nasum ended their career with a bang. All I can say is Mieszko would've been proud and happy.

                                                           Mieszko Talarczyk RIP
                                                       Makh Daniels RIP