Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Forward-Alladins Jr-Pomona,CA-6-7-12

Last minute show since my out of town friend was in town. I'm really glad I ended up going to this. Most of these bands were on tour so I'm glad I caught them all.
 First band was Hordes. One of my favorite local hxc bands. Tho it was still pretty empty when they played they still gave it their all and did a great short set. These guys rule hard and your missing out if you haven't seen em. Download EP here!
 Next local band was a band that rules hard but hardly plays,Condition,which has members of Trash Talk and DNF. Great hxc influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian bands.  Not much to say other than that they ruled hard and the singer was a total madman. I really hope to see more of these guys. Real good hxc.
First touring band was Opposition Rising from Boston. Featuring the singer of Toxic Narcotic and Mouth Sewn Shut. Tho those names were huge they had a dead audience and the kept complaining how they had an insane audience the night before. Me and my buds moshed for em since they did have catch Hardcore/Crust music with a hint of Ska. They played songs about The Rich killing the poor and animal abuse and silly stuff like that. They did a great set.
From bay are we got my favorite band of the night,No Statik. Thrashcore/Fastcore/Powerviolence with members of legendary bands such as Scholastic Deth,What Happens Next?,Destroy,and much more. Their singer stood around us and we all went nuts. Such fast music. She kept pushing us around and we all moshed around her. They played a good long set and I got some free pins. Seriously if you love the stuff I usually post here listen to these guys now.

From Japan we got the legendary Forward(with members of Death Side). They started and we all went nuts. Me and a bunch of of HxC and Punk kids moshed around like crazy and loved their set. They left and came back for more. The singer mentioned something about being from Japan and BOOM they busted to G.I.S.M.(the best band to ever come out of Japan) covers,Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter and NIH Nightmare. I stage dived and screamed my ass off. They where so good and I hope to come back to USA soon. Japcore for the win. I bought a pin with m loose change. They rule hard.