Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vesterian-The Joint,Los Angeles,CA 4-14-12

My good friend Roger is the drummer for LA's  Black Metal warriors Vesterian. He recently joined this band and his first show was the day before this one. Due to my car being messed up plus the rain I wasn't able to go. Next day he needed a ride to this show. We got there,helped moved stuff and sat down to see the band in this place.

First band was Black Mist,LA local Black Metal with members of Hordes Of Hate. I actually enjoyed this band a lot. They where a 3 piece,no bass,Kvlt as fuck band. The songs were catchy and fast. They have an EP out "Nocturnal Ritual". I gotta get it.

Up next was Deminurere. a Black Metal band that was pretty heavy. No corpse paint was worn but they did a swell job. A ok.

Blood Etchings from Washington where on tour and played. People started to get into em . The singer covered his head in a towel or something and sang like that for a while. They played and made heads bang. They have a demo out,try to find it.
Also on tour from Washington was Sacrament Ov Impurity. Now these guys where great. Lead singer was a beautiful young lady. She wore corpse paint (like the rest of the bands) but she had a cape. She wrapped her self around like Batman,stood still,and sang like the rest of the show. It was really cool. Guitar player also sang and had a great  evil voice. Im a fan of these guys now. They have one album out,A World Behind Damnation. Its gotta be good.
Sumeria,another local BM band fogged up the room and had some upside down cross on stage. They had a quite a fan base with kids shouting out songs and horns being thrown in the air. They have some stuff out,i gotta get into it.
My bud in Vesterian headlined the show. They had way too much smog on but the music made up for it. The guitar playing was excellent,the bass was loud,and the drums where fucking hard. The vocals were totally different from any BM I've heard before.  It was an evil screech. They played for a good ol 40 min and had me headbanging. They have a lot of demos out but a full length is coming out soon. If you dig old skool black metal i def. recommend these guys. Not your typical trve band at all. Totally original. Thanks for reading my first full Black Metal review.



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Vesterian's photo kicks ass.