Monday, May 28, 2012

Integrity-The Glass House-Pomona,CA-5/19/12

 Scion brought Integrity to Southern California for the 3rd time. Since then Scion shows have been moved to a bigger venue in Pomona. More room. Got there,got in line,picked up some free CD's and socks. Now that this venue has ins and outs I could grab a bunch of free vinyl now and put it in my car. Glass House is cool.
         First band was Blackened Crust band from North Carolina, Young And In The Way. They set up the stage with candles and a random stage prop. They played a slow creepy long song then busted out to the loud fast evil crust. The lead singer had so much stage rage he head banged all over and kept flipping us off. The music was a great Black/Crust vibe with Mayhem and Doom influences. After throwing beer at us,he took the sheet off the prop. It was animal head(I think  a pig). He burned a bit with a lighter,then threw at the audience. For being the first band to play,they where seriously the best and my favorite. After the set I bought a shirt/patch. This was their first West Coast show and I really hope they come here more often.  Listen to "I Am Not What I Am."
Next band was Southern California's own HxC act,The Love Below. None of my buds liked em,but I thought they were ok. Vocals where high pitched and sounded like he was going thru puberty but I thought it made em unique. Reminded me sort of Gorilla Biscuits. A ok.
Next band was sludge locals Seven Sisters Of Sleep. They play and have quite the fan base. Tho I'm not a fan of Sludge metal at all,they did a cool set. Check em out if your into that stuff.

Last time scion brought Cleavland Ohio's Ringworm,I missed it and I was bummed. Luckily they came back. Ringworm is like HxC for metalheads. Great Hardcore with a total metal vibe,which made them the legendary band they are. As soon as they started kids started hardcore dancing like crazy all over the floor.  They played a lot songs off Birth Is Pain which is my favorite album. If they're ever near you,u gotta see em live. Ringworm and YAITW where the highlights of the show for me.
Finally kids got all bunched up for Integrity. As soon as music started the hxc dancing continued. Unlike the last time I saw em people where hardly there. Good to see more of the fans came out this time. Bunch of stage diving and singing along to my favorite songs in System Of Overload. After a long set. The place shut em down. They kept telling to crowed to keep yelling for one more song. They eventually gave it to them. Integrity did a WAY better job than the last time I saw em. Fans of Hardcore/Punk must love em. After they gave out stickers and did a secret show next door I heard. Sick show was sick.