Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Nachos-The Mime,Los Angeles CA 4/27/12

Ive been looking really forward to this show. Last year due to lack of funds I missed Weekend Nachos when they came to town. I couldn't miss em this time. I made sure I went. My buds took forever to pick me up but when they did we drove fast over there. The place was literally a nice pretty hole in the wall which felt like the inside of a volcano. We missed locals Disapproval and Duke Nukem Forever(who ive seen twice) but no big deal.

First band we saw was Chicago HxC band Spine.  They have members of Harms Way/Weekend Nachos and the demo they have out is pretty sweet. They started a kids started moshing and dancing in the little place (including the singer who jumped on people). A few crowd surfs and what not. They're sick. Hopefully they come back soon. Listen to demo here!
Next touring band was Dead in the Dirt from Atlanta,Georgia. Maximum Grindage with Crust/Sludge/HxC vibes. Once again the kids where moshing and what not. Really fuckin good. Go see em if they're your town. Download their bad ass EP's here!
And again for the millionth time I went upfront and saw ACxDC,who are obviously one of my all time favorite bands. They played the typical set,with a new song and me grabbing the mic for Milk Was A Bad Choice. Stage diving,craziness, and stuff that will never get old for me. Fun every time. As I write this,Sergio's daughter went through surgery. I heard it went positive which makes everyone happy. Positive vibes to you and your family Sergio.
Another band that ill never get tired of seeing is Lack Of Interest. They always start with Never Back Down and always end with their Infest cover of Mindless.Cant say anything other than I feel sorry for you for not living in LA cause we get to see Lack at almost every Powerviolence show.
Finally it was time for Chicago Powerviolence act Weekend Nachos. By then a lot of people had left early due to the fact they couldn't take the heat of the hot ass little venue. Some of my friends even went outside to sit this one out. I bought a WN t shirt(it has Freddy Kruger on it!) from the singer himself. Gave it to my buds to hold and I went upfront myself. Their singer announced how it was so fucking hot that if anyone passes out to let them know right away so they can stop. They started and we all went crazy and nasty. Stage Dives and Hi Fives where all over the place and getting my buds to pick me up so I crowd surf. Sing a longs and getting crushed. It was like raging waters in there. WN are very fun live. After they finished I told the singer to come again,he said "For fucking sure". They later bragged how this was the craziest show of the tour. Check out their latest album,Worthless. Amazing Powerviolence.