Monday, May 28, 2012

The Dickies-House Of Blues,Anaheim,CA-5-20-12

   Hooray for winning free tickets all the time! Early show at the House of Blues in Disneyland. Nothing more fun then silly Punk Rock while watching kids walk around wearing Mickey hats and eating $20 churros. The lady at the door only wanted to give me 1 ticket,tho I won 2. After bugging the hell out of her she finally gave me one.

   Thanks to that lady I missed the first 3 bands. Luckily Casey Royer of D.I. showed up and was my good luck charm to make that lady get me in. I got in just in time for every ones favorite Clown band, The Yeastie Boys! As soon as the circus music ended they threw like 100 beach balls at us.. Of course we threw em back,at each other,and at the staff. They did some great clever covers like The Weirdos,"We Got The BOZO(Neutron) Bomb),Descendents,"I'm not a Jokester(loser),and Ramones "Bozo (Blitzkrieg ) Bop. And some of the old ones I heard from last time. Casey Royer of OC Legendary band D.I (and OG member of Adolescents and Social Distortion) got on stage in clown gear. He told the crowd he was Caseys brother "Clowney Royer". He sang a jokester version of DI song Bozos(Johnnys) Got A Problem and Adolescents Kids Of The Black Hole(Clowns on The Tight Rope).They seriously put on another great show. Nothing more fun then singing silly covers while wearing a clown nose throwing beach balls at the band. Great jobs clowns,great freakin job!
After the clowns it was Knocked Out Cold. A local Street Punk/Ska act. I thought they were ok but a lot of their fans where there cheering them on. I give em mad props for giving all their merch away for free. They ended with an Op Ivy cover. Great ska punk. Check em out.
  Casey came back to introduce the next band,Amerikan Made. They reminded me a lot of Pennywise and they a good solid set. They gave me a demo after,pretty cool stuff.
 Up next was legendary and super underrated 2tone Ska band The Untouchables. And I ain't gonna lie,I had more fun seeing these guys then when I saw The English Beat. The moshing stopped for this band and the dancing began. People where actually dancing and singing along for this band(as well as clowns). The songs were catchy,fun,and everything it takes to make a great Ska band. You must check this band out. Very good and underrated.
 LA's Own Briggs where next. The Briggs have gotten huge over the years with radio play,Warped Tours,and even had one of their songs be used for the official theme song of the LA Kings. I expected the place to be packed for them but hardly anyone showed up to this show. They started and die hard Briggs fans got upfront and sang a long. Fights broke out,little girls sang,it was awesome,They put on a great show weather its for 50 random dudes or a big ass crowd when they're opening for Bad Religion. They're a really great band. Check out their album Numbers. Chances are they're coming to a town near you.
 My first ever show was The Adicts back when I was 13. My cousin took me and he told me "Hey The Dickies are opening,they're real fun live" and he was beyond right. The lights dimmed and they all came out playing the theme they're most famous for "Killer Klowns From Outer Space". Of course the Clowns already there went super nuts and we all sang a long. The Dickies are a band everyone must see live. If you live in California I'm sure you've seen em open up for someone,if not their act involves Blow up dolls,dog puppets,penis puppets,goggles,and big hammer,and much more. I really don't wanna ruin the show for you but its really something else. The Dickies rule. And if you don't have The Incredible Shrinking Dickies in your're missing out big time. This is a band that use to have Guns N' Roses open for them,to be signed by a major record label,and have had The Ramones wear their merch on stage. The Dickies are legendary.