Monday, September 12, 2011

Repulsion-The Roxy, Hollywood CA 9/10/11

After missing a ton of Scion free shows (The Accused, Phobia, All Pigs Must Die, etc) I couldn't miss this one. It had the perfect fucking line up! The headliners were grindcore pioneers Repulsion, who I also saw last summer for free, New York hard core punk rockers Murphy's Law, and the band that's taking the world by storm, Cerebral Ballzy.

About a month or two ago, while watching Family Guy on Adult Swim, they showed a music video(which they never really do unless its Dethklok) of Cerebal Ballzy. It featured a kid in a Generation X t-shirt who was talking with a bunch of kids, yelling at the camera, "Don't tell me what to do!" I was so amazed, stunned and excited I called my girlfriend right away and told her to turn her television on. She missed it cause the song was only a minute long. But holy shit did I get into these guys! I got their first and new self titled album... FUCKING BRILLIANT. Punk Rock is back in hardcore. They remind me a lot of the Circle Jerks, Bad Brains, and other old skool bands.

So after getting in line my buds and I waited impatiently for Ballzy. They opened the curtain and the lead singer, Honor Titus came out in full force. There are hardly any frontmen nowadays that has the stage presence like singers had in the old days; ones that you can never forget. Titus is surely gonna be rememberd for his. I saw similarities to Darby Crash (Germs), HR (Bad Brains), and even Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys. While singing in every one's faces he jumped off of the stage onto the floor to sing from the mosh pit. He did this three times! Two other times he just ran into the bar, got up on a chair and screamed. Kids were jumping everywhere and moshing hard. One kid even had to get carried out by  ambulance! Titus unplugged the mic so many times due to his eratic behavior, I'm sure he messed it up. They didn't wanna get off the stage so they played longer than any first band should. That's how insane they are. If you love old skool/new or any type of punk rock or hardcore, GET THIS ALBUM. You will not be disappointed, you will love it and you'd beg Cerebral Ballzy to come to your town to fuck it up. Album/Songs/Videos/Show/Band of the fucking year.

Cerebal Fuckin' Ballzy

Now, due to Ballzy not wanting to get off the stage, hardcore legends Murphy's Law had the a really short set. The curtain went up and a two-year old boy was singing on the mic. Very cute indeed. The the band came in with a Ska beat. Then it went to hardcore and the kids were moshing. Singer Jimmy Gesstapo (yep same one from Grand Theft Auto 4) kept praising LA punk bands like FEAR, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, and others. He said if it weren't for these bands, there would be no Murphy's Law or LA punk Warped Tour shit either. After playing 5 songs, one with the Spongebob theme, they were out. I'd totally love to see 'em again if they played longer or headlined. They rule live, but this show didn't give 'em justice. Listen to self titled Murphy's Law if you haven't heard the punk rock classic.

Murphy's Law
Last summer Repulsion played at a free festival. Now at The Roxy, they were playing another free summer show. They have a rowdy act ,and they are one of the founding fathers of grindcore, so of course I had to see 'em. When they started the place was finally crowded and I was quickly shoved to the side. The place went freakin' nuts. Towards the third song I was uncomfortable, so I got on stage and jumped off. Luckily I was caught. They played most of their only album, Horrified (GET IT!) and a Venom cover. This time they had a female guitar player, which caused me and a bunch of other dudes to whistle like crazy. I found out she was also in a band named Cretin, but when she was in that band....she was a dude! Still, Cretin rules, and she rules even more for playing in Repulsion now.

After all the stage diving and moshing,everyone was sore. Repulsion put on another crazy show. How crazy, you ask? Once again the ambulance came to pick up a bumpy head. Repulsion,after all these years,are still fuckin amazing.

Over all, all three bands were amazing. It was a great way to officially end my Summer. Go listen or try to catch 'em live.



Anonymous said...

I agree that CB is the real deal. you MUST!! see them live

Hollywood Brad