Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deafheaven-Bow and Sorrow, Los Angeles., CA 9/22/11

Since the (temporary?) closing of the Blvd, LA hasn't thrown many shows. Deafheaven, Lake Of Blood, and Duke Nukem Forever were on their 3 day tour and were in to play LA. Luckily they played in a very narrow bar in Downtown. It fit around 40 (maybe more) people. Luckier still, not many people showed up, even though Deafheaven is pretty popular.

While waiting outside, so were most of the bands. Guy finally opened the door, and let us in. I got there at seven, and DNF didn't go on til nine. Duke Nukem Forever (no not the video game) are a powerviolence act from San Francisco. They don't have a facebook page or anything so they're pretty underground. Everyone including me are crazy about 'em so I'm glad I finally got to see 'em. They started and I couldn't hear the vocals. People kept telling them they couldn't hear their vocals but the singer said he couldn't do anything about it. So it was pretty much an instrumental set. I was kinda bummed by this since they fixed the microphone right after they finished. People still moshed and stuff, and liked it. I need to see 'em again ASAP. Download Here! Always bet on Duke!

Duke Nukem Forever

Next was a new Black Metal band named Lake Of(or Ov) Blood. The singer was this really big guy with a great BM vocals. They are the type of band that has its really good and it's really bad moments. At times, me and the rest of the crowed head banged and really liked the music. Other times we stood there bored looking at eachother. Overall it was a-ok set. If you like depressive Black Metal without the Kiss make up and upside down crosses, check em out. Download Eps!

Lake Ov Blood
I know you guys are probably tired of me reviewing ACxDC all the time. But their 2nd EP just came out after 7-8 years after their first one that I've told you to download over 69 times! Anyhoo, they started and as always the place went fuckin nuts. They played all their new songs plus two old ones. I sang on the mic during "Milk Was a Bad Idea" and was getting pushed all over the little place. After crowed surfing and getting hit by a bass guitar, it was over and once again it was fun as fuck. The new EP is actually about Movies/Tv shows like: Anchorman, The Dark Knight, Big Lewboski, etc. And if you dont think its the best release of 2011....I will fight you,that's no lie. LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly it got super crowded for Deafheaven. They are another depressing Black Metal band, or as they are called around here; Hipster Black Metal. They took forever to set up but the wait was worth it. They started playing  and people were crowding the singer who, tho he ain't in a Satanic Black Metal band, looked scary and pretty possessed. He didn't need corpse paint to look creepy. Their songs are very long. Though I hate that about most bands that do it, I really love this about Deafheaven. So they played four very powerful emotional songs. Though it sounds very cheesy and lame, its true. People were crowd surfing and the lead singer made everyone lift him up for about 3 minutes. It was a very powerful performance and I recommend them to all of you. Listen to their album, Roads to Judah. You might like it even if you don't dig Black Metal.


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"Milk Was a Bad Idea"... Lol. Would like to have seen you on that mic, Turtleboy.