Thursday, September 29, 2011

California Discord Fest-The Vortex/House/Riff Haus, L.A./Montebello/Fullerton CA 9/24-25/11

This fest was one of the most long awaited for shows of the year. Just hours after it started it became one of the most talked about, controversial concerts in California (let alone punk) history. I bought my tickets over four months ago and I think they had been available for six. Yet, kids were still crying that they sold out three weeks prior to the show. Three of my friends took buses and trains up north just for this one. And I know people who came even farther than that Arizona, Canada, and even the UK!). Many people were super excited for this 2 day fest full of Crust Punk, Grindcore, Powerviolence, D-Beat,and more. After busing it there we sat and waited. My buddy Kyle and a few other people threw this fest all by themselves.

                                                            DAY 1
While we were sitting and waiting to get in, we saw some dude dressed as a zombie with fake blood, that chest piece thing, and make up. At first we thought he was just a silly concert goer. Out of nowhere he went inside the building and screamed at the top of his lungs and then left. Two minutes later he goes on the stage,and as it turns out, he's the singer of the first band, Deminishing Device. They're from OC and play pretty good punk mixed with metal. After their short set, I am now a fan. Their fanbase is Crossover Thrash, old school Hardcore, etc.  And it was cool of them to give out free demos. Check em out Crossover fans!

Up next was Holokaust, A D-Beat band from Riverside, CA. From what I heard this was supposed to be their last show. They played a really good short set, and were really happy when people applauded for them. I'd really love to see 'em play again (for a longer set) but I doubt its gonna happen now. Check out their LP Into The Void Of Oblivion. Really good LP and I'm sure they would be missed.


Up next was a Sludge Metal act,  Destroy Judas. Sludge metal is not my thing. They have members of Phobia, Dytopia,and Evildead. My friends liked 'em. I didn't dig 'em (not that they weren't good, just don't dig the music genre) If you love sludge,check em out

Destroy Judas
Up next was Bacchus from Ireland. Crust Punk. Pretty good stuff. They have an EP "Attica". Check that out. Nothing else to say except they were great live.

Then was one of my favorite local bands, DIS (Destroyed In Seconds). Since last time I reviewed 'em(back in Feb) they've gotten a new singer (actually recently) a guy who was the singer of Panties and The Dolemite Project. Instead of being more on the D-Beat/Crust side the vocals were more Grind now. Still a great band. Former singer Mike Fisher was there on the side supporting his ex band mates. He said he loves how they are now ,and honestly believes they're better. I really liked Fisher's vocals but this new guy was pretty good too. But last time I saw DIS, Mr.Fisher almost threw a mic stand at me which made me kinda scared of him and made me think he was a mad man. Since then then I've talked to him and he's a really nice cool dude. He's actually starting a Powerviolence band now so I'll be on the lookout for that. DIS still rules. Listen to their album (with Mike)  Critical Failure.

Then came Diatribe, an Anarcho-Hardcore band. Many people dug 'em and some stupid kid kept getting the microphone to do Beavis and Butthead impressions. Pretty good.

Finally it was time for one of the bands I was very excited to see. Resistant Culture is a Native American Crust Punk band. All members are Native. The lead singer started with a big flute and played a little solo with it. While he was playing they were playing Crust music in the background. It's very unique how they do it. They played a great set which I and the rest of the crowd enjoyed. The singer would be going to his Grind voice then to his Native American howls while using maracas. Really cool. Check them out if they come to your town and listen to their album, Welcome To Reality. It's that good. Also the lead singer/Guitar player is also in Terrorizer.

Resistant Culture
And then the shit hit the fan. Though the promoters had the proper permits, paid the Fire Marshall,and did the other stuff, the LAPD still decided to shut the show down. Kids were pissed. Some were dumb enough to fight with cops, others threw stuff at the people who were trying to calm the kids down. It was just a big fucking mess and they sent us home. We waited as the rumors began circling that some bands were gonna play at an address (different ones were passed around). We didn't buy it. After an hour of waiting in a friend's house for legit info, it was posted on Facebook that the address was correct and it was in the damn city I live in. They just said Magrudergrind was playing (the main band I wanted to see tonight,and who I missed last year for going late to a Scion show). We rushed over there, it was a house. As soon as we got inside we found out Magruder just played. FUCK!!!!!! Well my day got shittier.

Lucky Transient was next. And here they were doing another LA house show. This time the place went insane (they played in a living room) and people were crowd surfing and running into walls. Another great set from this female fronted Grind band from Oregon. Check em out! I hope to see 'em again soon.

Theories played next and they did a legit job. I heard some Black Metal influence and people dug 'em. I hope to see them again soon as well.

After begging Magrudergrind to do another set, they said they couldn't (they were nice about it) and the bands were done. We walked home, read the info for tomorrow, then slept. I have mixed feelings about this day. It wasn't the bookies fault at all. It was all the police.

                                                              DAY 2

So they moved it to Riff Haus in Fullerton. Riff Haus is a tiny place that was obviously too small to fit everyone. Luckily they let the bands have two sets. One was at 1pm and the other was at 6:00. It was the only place they could get for the show (kinda far) but I was able to make it. The lame part was that the venue let kids who didn't have tickets pay $10 for admission. They could get in and ticket holders couldn't if there wasn't any room. (Oh well. I got in) And another change was that they only let the three headliners of Sunday play, Rattus (main headliner of Saturday, also their last show). We got there, it was crowded, and I was excited to know ACxDC was able to open it up since they were supposed to play the show that day anyway.

ACxDC played. My friends from San Jose really wanted to see 'em. They played the same short set they played on Thursday and it was great again. It was kinda of weird seeing them on a stage though. I bought their exclusive shirt for the fest which was an Infest ripoff.

SET (Also from Deafheaven show):
No Fly Zone
Turtle Power
Jokes On You
Fuck It Dood...Lets Go Bowling
Milk Was A Bad Idea
TShirt Time
We Kill Christins
Up next was Finland's Rattus. I don't think they've ever been to America. And this was their last show ever. The majority of people who went the first day went to see this band. They play good ol fashioned punk. All lyrics are in Finnish. Kids went super nuts for them and they played a really great set. They decided to play early since they wanted to leave for an American hockey game (ay they want to see some sightings, plus they had plans). Anyhoo I'm glad that I went to the early show since they only played the first show (2nd one they had Exhumed, sucks ). So you'll never see these guys again. Download their discography. Pretty good stuff.

Rattus from Finland
Setlist of Rattus (in Finn)

Up next was a reunion set from sludge band Mange. Once again I apologize,I couldn't get into it.

Last Halloween, Ghoul played a show in a warehouse in LA. That show got raided as well, so I was excited that I finally got to see these guys. They were setting up. They left, came back with potato sacks on their heads (and fake blood on em). They play Crossover Thrash with Death Metal vocals and a hint of Grind. They started and people went even more crazy then they did for Rattus. There were stage dives, huge circle pits and one big painful kick in my knee. During their show, random monsters suits came out. One of 'em, a giant robot, couldn't get on stage. Another monster dropped his maske off while getting off stage... Funny stuff. The band also ripped open a fake chicken and threw the blood at us. I really recommend you check out their album Splatterthrash and see 'em live. A 
really fun band to see.

Ghoul's Setlist
Last but not least was the headliner, Rhode Island's Powerviolence badass's Dropdead. Their opening song started and it went even more brutal than Ghoul's set. The whole time I was trying to keep my balance while people were stage diving and the whole damn place was a pit. I fell down, but sang along with he rest of the crowd. Most people (including me) paid for the 2nd day to see these guys. They didn't disappoint. Dropdead is one of the craziest Powerviolence bands I've ever seen live. I'm glad they headlined this show. They kept playing and people kept asking for more and more. They played an amazing set.

Dropdead and their setlist
Overall it was a show I will never forget. Bad times, good times, and fun times. This was one of the best shows of the year. Once again the failures were not the promoters fault, it was all LAPD. And fuck the guy that called the cops on the Riff Haus just for getting kicked out for drinking and smoking. Thanks to him all show there are canceled.

Kids don't ruin the little we have! Stop destroying your own damn scene.


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GREAT review! Wish I was there!

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Great review...I think I may be in love with you.