Tuesday, April 29, 2014

James Kottak, Drummer for The Scorpions, Arrested in Dubai

The authorities in Dubai don't have much patience when it comes to drunken behavior nor are they lenient when somebody publicly shames Islam.

Who knew?

Well, everybody... right? 

No. Apparently James Kottak, drummer for The Scorpions didn't get the memo. 

On April 3rd, he was en route from Russia to Bahrain when he was arrested while in transit in the Dubai airport. He was convicted of being under the influence of alcohol, raising his middle finger and insulting Islam. The band was scheduled to play in Bahrain at a Formula One race on April 5th, but Kottak was a no-show. According to newspapers, he has been sentenced to serve one month in jail for his offensive behavior.

Reportedly Kottak consumed five glasses of wine while while traveling on a Gulf Air flight from Moscow to Dubai. After landing, he took a wrong turn in the airport, and in his confusion, started swearing and flashed his middle finger at the other passengers. He also reportedly made comments about 'non-educated Muslims' and dropped his pants to show his backside.

"I confess to drinking alcohol but I refuse the other two charges, he told the court. "I did not do them." 

"There is no way that I would say such a phrase about Muslims, whether I was drunk or not," he added.

In addition to being sentenced to one month in jail, Kottak was fined 2,000 dihrams  for consuming alcohol without a license. 2,000 dihrams is approximately $545 in American currency. 

There is no mention of the incident on Kottak's website, nor on the Scorpions'. The Scorpions' website lists tour dates for April 28th and April 29th in Germany. At this time it's unsure if the dates were cancelled or if a replacement drummer was used. The concerts are affiliated with the MTV Unplugged series, so a drummer may not be needed.

Kottak will be credited for time served and should be released this weekend.

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