Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BIgfoot Diaries Poet Don Larkin: Class Reunion

Class Reunion

I sit here spinning going faster and faster
Gravity’s pulling but it really don’t matter
Sinking in deeper way up to my chin
The ground level view comes to focus again
Some growing older while some never grow up
Still enjoying drinking potions from Satan’s cup
Look deep in my eyes, yeah way past my face
You might see something maybe a trace
Of the boy I once was or the man I’ll be
If I can avoid life’s fatal simplicity

So I sit and spin not knowing what is & isn’t sin
Hoping I’ll have time to really take it in
Needing one more harvest without one more rain
Seeking one more lover, without feeling pain 
Go on now and ask me, hope that I will tell
Stories from my grandpa ringing out like a bell
Boy to man, right here, right now, upon this sacred dirt
I was there right in the midst, but I didn’t buy a shirt
Driving blind on country gravel, seeing by memory
Turning left now and then, seeking life’s tribal mystery

Like the fields and the hills, bending yet oh so straight
Rolling patchwork cropland prettier than lace
Seeing beauty’s bounty far from every sea
Sometimes secretly wishing it was only she and me
A water pump in the kitchen and a bathroom in the yard
Grandma’s soft sweet kisses and grandpa’s hands so hard
If this is country living, I’ll be expecting country death
So fill my plate to overload, I’ll eat up every breath
Old farmer’s & John Deere tractors share a destiny
Both will rust together, bleeding on life’s final tapestry

Happy birthday Don! 

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