Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Benefit for Teddy Reid To Be Held Thursday Night

Little Teddy Reid is just over a year and a half old. Like most boys his age, he loves to laugh and learn new things. He loves colors and shapes and he loves to play with his toys. He dreams of growing up to be a big boy.
Teddy posing with a picture of himself. 

But, in some ways, Teddy isn't like other boys his age. Six days after he was born, doctors discovered that he is in kidney failure. So he spends long days with doctors and nurses and he throws up a lot. Without a working kidney, the future doesn't look very bright for Teddy.

Tiffany Tice knew of Teddy through his mother Sarah, with whom she was casual friends. She heard about Teddy's plight and wondered if she could help. She had tests done, and it was discovered that she was a match to offer a replacement for his failing kidney. It was a stroke of luck, as usually it takes awhile to find a match. Suddenly, there was hope for Teddy and his family! It was as of from out of nowhere an angel appeared and came to his rescue.

Surgery was scheduled for May 9th, but on May 8th, it got postponed. "Teddy's liver enzymes are very high and the doctors need to figure out why, and try to stabilize him a bit more before the transplant can be rescheduled." says Tiffany. "So right now everything is up in the air."

Unfortunately, that means that Teddy has to spend more long days at the lab, having tests analyzed and getting poked with needles. Teddy has become a very brave little boy.

Medical bills are accumulating. Teddy and his mother went on local TV channel KCWI last month to talk about Teddy's condition and to hopefully raise awareness to their situation. By chance, the morning that Sarah and Teddy were on KCWI, it was the same day that the High Crest performed live in the studio. It was then that Kat Darling (of the High Crest) learned of Teddy's ordeal, and wondered if she could help. Little did she know that The High Crest had already been tabbed by Dan Tripp to participate in a benefit concert to raise money for Teddy's always rising medical costs.

"Teddy was instantly lovable and sweet, it was hard to imagine that this little boy's life was hanging in the balance of his family's love, doctors and procedures." Says Kat. "Dan Tripp, from (the band) New Member Charles, called me and asked if I'd be interested in helping him raise money for Teddy's kidney transplant. I was on board and we began planning."

What transpired is a benefit concert set for Thursday night beginning at 5:00 which will feature over a dozen bands at two different venues, the Vaudeville Mews and the 4th Street Theater at Java Joes. There will be a raffle for prizes and money raised will help to offset the increasing pile of medical bills.

Click to enlarge. Please donate if you can. 

"He's a sweet kiddo, and always seems so happy it's hard for an outsider to tell how sick he really is." says Tiffany Tice. "I cannot even imagine how his parents are feeling right now. Everyone is hoping they have some answers soon so that Teddy can get this transplant that he needs!"

Tiffany adds that the support from the community has been amazing but there is still a long ways to go. This musical benefit provides the perfect excuse to get out and see what the Des Moines music scene is all about. It's a tight-knit bunch, and it isn't at all surprising that this event came together so nicely in support of such a great cause.

Hopefully Teddy's luck will change soon, and he will get to enjoy a normal life like other little boys his age. Please donate if you can or simply attend the benefit. 


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