Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Poet in Residence Don Larkin: Story Time

Look out on the water, hear that soothing sound
See silence & forever, & where they meet the ground
Wish you were a sailboat waiting for a wind
Hear dreams & hope & laughter, & wonder where they’ve been
Make yourself my captain give my boat a name
Take a pretty picture get me in the frame
Know the sun is shining & that the stars are old
Look out on the water, as the story’s told

Lay out in the pasture stare up at the sky
Counting shapes & colors, never asking why
Wish you were a farmer waiting on a rain
Shepherds tending bounty refusing to explain
Turn the earth right over gently place your seeds
Water me in the desert yeah won’t you baby please
Know the crops are growing changing green to gold
Lay out in the pasture, as the story’s told
Sit here by the campfire, feel it warm your toes

Play your guitar sweetly sing to me your prose
Wish you were a star ship resting on a cloud
Far above the nations & their Chiefs so proud
Flames are showing legends brothers braving rites
Soften up my blanket please turn out the lights
Know the world is spinning try to get a hold
Sit here by the campfire, as the story’s told

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