Monday, April 1, 2013

Musician Changes Name to Johnny Reeferseed

The next time Johnny Reeferseed and the High Rollers take the stage, Des Moines' favorite party band will be fronted by Johnny Reeferseed. 


This past week it became official: Jamie Grimm had his name legally changed to Johnny Reeferseed. While he hasn't made a big issue of it - his Facebook page still has him as Jamie Grimm - he did disclose the news to me on Sunday as he poured beers at the Hull Avenue Tavern, where he works.

"It's not a big deal, just something I've wanted to do for a long time." He said. "I got through the red tape and finally made it a reality." He then showed me his new Iowa Driver's license, which clearly shows his new moniker.

Snapshot of his new ID. (He asked me to block out all other info.)

The process is really quite simple, according to Grimm... er, Reeferseed. You can get a name change petition online, and you just print it off and fill it out. After making a couple of copies (the law requires that there are at least two) you will need to file your petition at the county clerk's office where you are a resident. This is an easy process although in Reeferseed's case, he did get some funny looks from the lady who filed his petition.

"She read it out loud and just kinda stopped." he explained, regarding his new name. "She gave me a weird glance and took the petition to a back room, where I assume it was filed. When she came back out, she handed me a sheet with my case number and a date to see the judge and that was about it." 

He said that she wasn't as friendly upon her return from the back room as she was when he had first walked in. "She seemed a bit disheveled." Reeferseed said with a laugh.

In Iowa the law requires that you face a judge to complete your name-change petition. In Reeferseed's case, he had a wait of about three weeks before he was able to see the judge, which he finally did this past Wednesday.  "It was really a non-issue," he said, regarding his encounter with the judge. "I think these guys have probably seen everything."

The judge granted the name change and Jamie's next step was to go to the Driver's License Station and get his new ID printed. He said that until he actually had his new ID in his hand that he didn't feel like it was official. It still hasn't really sunken in yet, he says. "I've only told a few people," he said to me. "I assume now it will feel more official once the word gets out."

Des Moines' favorite party band
So, do the regulars at the Hull still call him Jamie, or do they call him Johnny? 

"So far they still call me Jamie," he laughed. "But I imagine that will change over time."

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