Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Maw Featured in Latest "Beyond the Stage"

The latest production of Greg Waldrop's Beyond The Stage series features Des Moines' progressive juggernauts, The Maw. 

Greg captured the band in their natural element, from the dry humor they engage in while telling their story, to the more serious tone they take when talking about their music. Of course Greg captured the band onstage as well, as they perform two songs from their 1937 EP, "Chora" and "To Close Third Eyes."

In the sit down segment of the video, the band discusses how and when The Maw was formed, and the ritualistic processes they take when writing songs. It's not as simple as putting pen to paper and putting music around it. The process they take is almost an intricate science; a metaphysical vision quest that taps into that gray area above the brain's normal conscience. It's what separates them from most other bands playing in the Des Moines circuit. 

"We're four pieces in this alchemist cauldron," Says guitarist Forrest Lonefight in the video. "So it's pretty uplifting when we capture that stuff."

Greg does an excellent job of capturing The Maw's spirit, and from the audio to the different camera angles shot on video, this production is extremely well done. The Beyond The Stage series is an excellent way to expose the amazing talent that Des Moines offers and a great way to showcase it to the rest of the world. 

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