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INFEST - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA- 1/13/13

Yep. I made it in. First off, the whole talk of INFEST reuniting has been in people mouths ever since lead singer, Joe Denunzio was released from prison. At first it was rumored he'd be the new singer of  Low Threat Profile with other Infest members Matt Domino, Chris Dodge (of Spazz, Despise You, and a bunch of other bands), and Bob from Lack Of Interest. I guess that didn't work out so they made everyone's dreams come true by being INFEST. 

I'm not sure how many show they're planning to play but the only shows they've got so far are a show in San Diego (which sold out in an hour), a show in Florida (with an amazing line up), Oakland (with Capitalist Casualties), and two big festivals; Chaos In Tejas and Maryland Deathfest. I really don't know if there would would be another LA show or even how long this reunion will last so I did did not want to miss this. This show was hinted from Chris Dodge for while now, and he finally let people know this week they were going to play at The Echo.

There was no pre-sale and tickets went on sale at noon the day of the show. I heard people camped outside and I'm not sure what time other people lined up. I showed up at 9am and the line already was at the end of the street. It was pretty freakin' cold (California cold). 

People made the hours pass by fast by just talking to friends, booing at people trying to cut in line (which a lot did), and by getting free coupons by the restaurant across the street. Finally a dude who worked at the venue showed up and told us how it'd work. The place can only hold 400 people but I think they let 500 in. People got all bunched up to get a wristband. and when I finally got mine I didn't have to worry anymore. Three hours in line for it... Worth it. Right after, I went to a Burger King to eat and not be so cold. So I didn't get to see when people got turned away. At BK a bunch of people did come up to me and asked me if I had an extra ticket. They also went up to the opening bands eating there as well. No luck.
Around 2:30 I got in a much shorter line to actually get in the show this time with more friends. They finally let us in and I went straight to the merch booth like the little fan boy I am. I got an Infest tee and waited for the first band.

The first band that played was Sordo. I've seen 'em before and I was stoked to see 'em again.They have a bunch of splits out and have been playing since 08. They came all the way from Oxnard in Ventura County to play this show. They played a pretty short but sweet set with a bunch of great songs. The crowd was pretty was dead for them (lame!). But most of my buddies agreed with me that they were the best opener that day. Plus the dudes are nice as fuck. Badass Paisa Powerviolence.

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Sordo (From Oxnard)

Next band was OC's Fissure. Straight out fast Powerviolence with a ton of energy. This is when people started actually slamming hard and some stage dives were done. They play a lot of shows over in OC so I think this was their first in LA. They played a short set as well but they seem to have quite a loyal fanbase.

Here's their demos:

Fissure from the OC

La Mirada's Barking Backwards played next. They're more on the Hardcore side with another loyal fanbase. More stage diving and sing alongs. And I think some dude got seriously hurt during their set. Ouch! 

They just released an EP too. The song "Trouble" is really catchy. 

Barking Backwards (La Mirada)
Of course we couldn't have a Powerviolence show without ACxDC playing again. I've reviewed 'em a lot but I know this show meant the world to them. A little before they got on I talked to Sergio and he was pretty nervous to be opening for Infest. But as always they put on a great show. They played for a pretty long time compared to other times I've seen 'em (more material obviously). No boogie boards this time, but lots of silly string and jumping stage to scream along. They even let their original guitarist Pablo play a song for this special occasion. Lot of motivational talk, stage dives,and once again the Sword Of The Lord cover (no Chris Dodge this time). ACxDC gave it their all for this show, and as always, one great fucking set.

Finally it was time. I made my way in the crowd as we all waited (not so) patiently. Like, I've seen bands set up on stage for 10 minutes before, but never has it ever seemed like an eternity 'til this day. The crowd kept yelling things to Joe on stage like, "I wanna hear Sicko-O!" and "Are you still Straightedge?". 

Joe finally said "This one's called Break The Chain" and all hell fucking broke loose. Like we all went fucking nuts screaming along. It was a complete madhouse. For about 4 songs I was under a bunch of people stage diving. This wasn't one of those bullshit reunions where they talk about "the old days" or talk for 5 minutes about their history or whatever. Joe just kept fucking going song after song. His voice hasn't changed a bit. Each song just got people more rowdy. All the classics were played including "Pickled," "Cold Inside," and "Voice Your Opinion." When "Mindless" was played  a shitload of people rushed the stage to jump on Joe and screamed their asses off. I really wanna tell you more and more of the show but it's something you just had to experience. 

The audience had everyone: Punks, Crusties, HxC dudes, Powerviolence kids, and the old timers who saw Infest back of the day. One of my friends said "It was like they never broke up" and its true. 15 years and they still sound the same. Another friend who actually saw Infest twice back in the day told me "They sound way better than they did before" in his raspy I-lost-my-voice voice. 

Everyone there left with a smile on their face. Some even bloody and bruised, but still a smile. If you haven't heard Infest you gotta listen to The Slave, No Man's Slave, and the self-titled Mankind EP. This is one show I'll never, ever, forget. I saw the first reunion of Powerviolence pioneers Infest and this undoubtedly one of the best show I've have ever been to in my life. Here's the set list:

And yes,they did come back to play "Where's The Unity" and half the place got on stage to shout along. I will probably never get over this show and neither will the people who where lucky enough  to get in. I never got see The Ramones or Black Flag but I did get to see Infest. And it's something I will cherish forever. Have fun for those of you getting a show near you. You're gonna love it. Thanks for reading.


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