Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bryan's List of Musical Happenings 1/21/13

Sorry we missed ya on Monday. From Bryan: "Coming to you from Shipwreck Shoals on the Sea of Flu. I may/may not be reading emails for corrections/additions any time soon. This is my first effort to do something normal/constructive for a while. This is a very tenacious kick-ass virus. Wash your hands before they go to your face. You do NOT want this. Be paranoid."

Tuesday January 22

Thankful Dirt at El Bait Shop 8:00
Stu Ramsey at the Greenwood 8:00

Wednesday January 23

Reeferseed Express at Hull Avenue Tavern 6:00 
Steve Kowbel at Fire Creek, WDM 6:30
Bob Pace Band at Zimm's 7:00
Ben Wantland at Raccoon River's Songwriter Night 7:30
Evergreen Grass Band at El Bait Shop 8:00
The Snacks at Underground 9:00
The High Crest at the Greenwood 9:00

Thursday January 24th

Rob Lumbard at Coda Lounge 6:00
Dirty Bucket Band at Star Bar 9:00
Soul Searchers at the Greenwood 9:00
Open Jam with Scott Long at the Gas Lamp 9:00

Weekly Feature: Winter Blues Fest

Friday January 25th

Work Release Party with Bob Pace at Gas Lamp 4:30
David Zollo at Fire Creek, WDM 7:00
Mitch Gettman at the Ritual Cafe 7:00
What the Folk is Folkstep? Featuring David Samano, Subliminal Chaos at Wooly's 8:00
James Biehn Trio at the Underground 9:00
Item 9 and the Mad Hatters at the Hull Avenue Tap 9:00
The End at the Gas Lamp 9:00
Scot Sutherland, Rob Ankum, and Paul Thompson at the Greenwood 9:00

Saturday January 26th

The High Crest w' Grant Baetz and Rob Short at the Keg Stand 6:00
Winter Blues Fest (10 acts/6 stages) at Downtown Marriott 7:00
James Biehn at the Grapevine, Clive 7:00
Saturn Ascends w' Cirrus Minor and Fatal Addiction at Wooly's 8:30
The Travel Guide with Holy White Hounds and Josh Davis and Will Locker at Gas Lamp 9:00
Burnin' Sensations at the Star Bar 9:00
Spit in the Devil's Eye at Lot 33 9:00

Sunday January 27th 

Botanical Blues: Jody Bodley and Dewey Cantrell at the Bonanical Center 1:00
Stage Fright: a Tribute to The Band at Wooly's 3:00
Jeremy Ober and Blake Erickson at Byron's, Pomeroy 5:00
Free Energy at the Gas Lamp 8:00
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Hoyt Sherman 8:00

If you have additions or corrections please leave a comment. Thanks!