Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dethklok-The Palladium, Hollywood, CA 11/27/12

At the last minute my friend once again hooked me up with a ticket to see everybody's favorite animated Death Metal band, Dethklok. They just released the Dethalbum III which I have yet to hear and they went on a full US tour with some bands I really don't care about. But a free show is a free show!

I missed the first band and that's lame cause they were the only other band I kind of wanted to see. Don't let the name, their fans, and all the crappy tours they do fool you. The Black Dahlia Murder are a good Death Metal band. And yes they actually DO play legit Death Metal and just don't claim it like Deathcore bands. Well I missed 'em. Check em out.

Black Dahlia Murder

Speaking of crappy bands, All Shall Perish was next and sadly I did not miss them. They sucked balls. Crappy Hot Topic Metalcore at its finest and well...  they sucked balls. I was bored beyond relief and all they did was they play crappy tunes and show war footage like everyone's been doing for the past 10 years. I haven't really seen a band I hated this year but this it.

All Shall Perish

And that's not all, Machine Head was up next. They opened up for Dethklok again, and again I was disappointed and bored. I don't know what it is. The Blackening album (which I accidently stole from an ex, that I'm willing to trade or sell for $5) is meh ok, but they just bore me live. I went outside. Too loud and not in the good way. Haters gonna hate.

Machine Head

Finally the band everyone went to see was up. Yes the cartoon is music 100 times better than the last 2 bands and thats' a fact. If you watch the TV show you know that they have workers named "Klokateers" that wear all black and have executioner hoods on. Well they actually had real life Klokateers being sound guys, checking the guitars, mics,moving stuff around, etc, which I thought was the coolest fucking thing ever. There was even a fan dressed as Dr. Rockzo, The Rock N' Roll Clown (he does cocaine) and he was just up in the balcony taking pictures with everyone. Now in case you didn't read (if anyone even reads my stuff!) the last time I reviewed 'em well here's how the show works. Brandon Small (creator of the show) plays guitar and does the vocals, Gene Holgan(Fear Factory, Death, Testament, Dark Angel,etc) plays drums, and they get other dudes that play the rest. They are there live on stage playing in the dark while we see exclusive music videos of the cartoon band. The videos are usually graphic and funny. I wont ruin much for you but it does involve Star Wars rip-offs, Egyptian oral sex, and satanic strippers. Plus videos of the last two albums which include Vikings seeking revenge, Mermaid murders, etc.


There were many intermissions. If it was any other band it would be lame and people would be talking shit. But not for Dethklok. The band has a new video yo play for every five minute break they needed. These were absolutely great and they were some of the best part of the show. Some stuff showed their bass player, William Murderface having a bulimic problem. Another showed Dr.Rockzo making the audience sing a long to a silly song that ended up being a way to trick the crowd to give him money for his cocaine addiction. And as always the bands mascot, Facebones, was there to talk about not harassing women and how there shoulld be respect for people in the audience who are overweight.

After the bands long, and really good set, Brandon Small finally talked to the audience  He was still kind of covered by smoke so he talked in the voices of the characters (Nathan Explosion, Pickles The Drummer, and Skwisgaar Skwigelf) to the audience.  He bragged (or they all bragged) how they have the last of the Hostess snacks backstage and how they were glad to be in Hollywood just in time for Elmo's arrest. Small did not do this last time so I was beyond stoked when he did this. The band did a few more numbers and the last two without videos. The lights were on and you could actually see the band. WAY better than the last time I got these toons. Dethalbum III came out so you should all get (along with the first two if you haven't) . Also Season 4 of Metalocalypse is now on DVD and Blu-Ray so I need to get that too (along with 3). Dethklok is one band you got to see a least once in your lifetime. Cartoons do better Death Metal these days than most people do.

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