Monday, December 31, 2012

Bryan's List: New Years Eve Edition

Happy New Years to everybody. If you are looking to check out some live music in Des Moines tonight, there is plenty to choose from. Thanks to Bryan Farland for the list.

Featured event: Tonight at the House of Bricks

Young Funk, Further Adjustments, King of the Tramps at Byron's, Pomeroy 8:00
The Maw, The Family, On a Pale Horse, Nest of Snakes at House of Bricks 8:00
MINT, Katelyn Epperly, The Nadas at the Venue (old People's) 8:00
Pianopalooza at Wooly's 8:00
Brother Trucker w/ Mr. Baber's Neighbors at Raccoon River Brewery 9:00
DJ 8Ten, Moon Chaplin and the Magic Men, Lady Soal at the Gas Lamp 9:00
Bonnie Finken, James Biehn, Seth Hedquist at N.Y. Ave Events Center 9:00 (RSVP Only)
Bob Pace Band at Zimm's 9:00
Cirular Revolution at Thirsty Sportsmen 9:00

Thank you for letting us be a part of your 2012, and we are looking forward to hanging out with you all in 2013. Here's to a safe and happy new years... Cheers!


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