Monday, December 10, 2012

Bryan's List of Musical Happenings 12/10/12

Additions and corrections always appreciated. Thank you Bryan!

Monday 12/10/12

Christmas Potluck (no live music) at the Greenwood 5:00

Tuesday 12/11/12

Drama KIngs featuring Scott Davis at Capital Square Atrium 11:30 am
B. John Burns at the Greenwood 7:30
Ben Wantland at el Bait Shop 8:00

Wednseday 12/12/12

Festival Brass Quintet featuring Scott Davis at St. John's Lutheran Church at Noon
Reeferseed Express at Hull Avenue Tap 6:00 ($1 beers too!)
Ty Wistrand at Songwriter's Night at Racoon River Brewery 7:30
Matt Logan at Fire Creek, WDM 6:30
Bob Pace Band at Zimm's 7:00
Stu Ramsey at the Greenwood 8:00
Truth Be Told at el Bait Shop 8:00
Live Music Open Jam at the Dtandard 9:00
Thursday 12/13/12

Chad Elliott & Bonita Crowe at the Coda Lounge, Savory Hotel 6:00
Matt Woods at the Longest Yard, WDM 9:00
Open Jam: feat. Scott Long Band at the Gas Lamp 9:00
Soul Searchers at the Greenwood  9:00
David Ramirez at the Vaudeville Mews 10:00
Featured Show: Greg Brown and Bo Ramsey at Wooly's on Friday Night
Friday 12/14/12
Work Release Party w/Bob Pace Band at theGas Lamp 4:30
Chad Elliott & Bonita Crowe at Fire Creek, WDM 7:00
Greg Brown w/Bo Ramsey at Wooly's 8:00
Monday Mourners w/West of E. Street at The Garage, Indianola 8:00
John Moreland at the New Morning Coffee House & Wine Tavern, Grimes 8:30
Thankful Dirt at the Star Bar 9:00
Rick Burke at the Greenwood 9:00
North of Grand w/Chromafrost at the Gas Lamp 9:00
Geoff Safford Jr. at The Standard 9:00
Poppa Neptune w/ Nemo Orchestra at the Underground 9:00
Toaster at the House of Bricks 9:30

Saturday 12/15/12 
Spit In The Devil's Eye, The New Bodies, Slyde at House of Bricks 5:00 (All ages)
David Zollo & Chad Elliott at The Grapevine, Clive 7:00
Ryan Doughty at New Morning Coffee House & Wine Tavern, Grimes 8:30
The High Crest at the Greenwood 9:00
Keith Richard's B'Day Party! w/David Zollo, Johnny Reeferseed & High Rollers, Brother Trucker, Agents of Mischief at House of Bricks 9:00
Randy Burke & The Prisoners at the Raccoon River Brewery 9:00
Matt Woods & The Thunderbolts at the Longest Yard, WDM 9:30

Sunday 12/16/12
Fareed Haque & Mathgames at Byron's, Pomeroy 6:00
Miles Nielsen at The Grapevine, Clive 7:00 (CANCELLED)
Java Jews at el Bait Shop 8:00



Bryan Farland said...

Miles Nielsen had to cancel for the Sunday show at The Wine Experience.