Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Bigfoot Diaries To Go Viral (We Wish!)

We get by with a little help from out friends. Or so it's been said.

On Friday Shep and I will be guests on the Fallon Forum, a grass roots webcast that covers all things not fair and balanced in the political world. Somehow, despite everything that is currently happening in the political spectre, Mr. Fallon has found time to talk to us.

We will discuss music of course, from a national and local level. We will offer unpopular opinions and make general asses out of ourselves. We will tell you why corporate radio sucks. We will take your calls and give away a t-shirt or two. We will tell you why you should immediately seek out albums by The Dictators and Howling Wolf.

So, join us in conversation live, Friday, online from 12:40-1:00 pm on the Fallon Forum website. Call in at 515-244-0077 (local) or toll free (855) 244-0077 if you are standing at a payphone in California. Video and audio podcasts will be available, too.

Ed's show runs Monday through Friday from noon til 1:00.


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