Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Lords of Altamont - The Altamont Sin

The Altamont Sin (Gearhead Records)

Another blast from the past here, but at least it's from this century and considering what a dinosaur I am when it comes to musical taste, it might as well be hot off the presses. This album is pure destructo garage mayhem. All out, greasy, slag heap punk played at full throttle by these L.A. neanderthals. The Stoogian riffs, the junkyard metallic thud, and the reckless abandon make this a definite go to record for your next wild party.

The band has ex-members of The Bomboras and the Fuzztones among others; and if that's not enough to send you to Amazon or Ebay, or better yet your closest record store; then how about the fact that none other than Micheal Davis (R.I.P.) is the bass guitar player. If the pedigree of the MC5 and Destroy All Monsters doesn't impress ya then you've listened to one too many Dave Matthews Band albums.

I mean it's an election year and that means that the thing that you really need is something that will allow you to ignore the entire thing. Face it, all the guys and gals running for office (and even the ones that aren't) are so embarrassing and pathetic that they aren't even worth laughing at anymore. So get yourself some Lords of Altamont, burn your voter registration, start your own outlaw motorcycle gang, and live free.


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