Sunday, February 12, 2012

Exhumed-The Roxy,Hollywood CA, 2/11/12

After California Discord Fest got raided, Exhumed hasn't played an all ages venue since September,so I still hadn't seen them. I had already paid $30 to see 'em,but I didn't due to the police. Just my luck Scion hooked me up with a free show. Like the last 2 scion shows (which I missed) they are now doing it by record labels. This one had to be Relapse Records. Only one band I loved who where in it played,but I wont complain for a free show.

    First band was Royal Thunder. Female fronted Doom Metal. I never really gave Doom Metal a chance so I wasn't sure what to expect. They started of really slow,and loud. The bass made me legs shiver and my ears hurt. After a while they played more of a Rock N Roll sound which was kind of cool. Ok way to start a show. Doom/Sludge head will like. A-ok.

The next band I was new to was Tombs. I thought they were a Sludge band  but they mixed it with Post-Metal/Black Metal. I was really impressed by this band. Vocals were sick,drums where pounding heard,guitar riffs where badass. I really need to get some of their discography. Deafheaven/Trap Them where bands that came to mind. I need to see 'em again.

Technical Death/Thrash metal band Revocation was next. Ive heard good stuff about em. Thrashers got all crazy as soon as they started. People pushed and the pit broke out. They reminded me of Havok with better musician's(meh) . They also had nerdy lyrics. Pretty cool band. Both guitar players and bass sung. Great vocals. If your into stuff from Warbringer or Obscura you'll love em.Probably the 2nd best band that played that night.

Black Tusk was the final opener. Sludge metal with the beards and the tattoos. First song was pretty cool cause he kept shouting "Six Six Six". Rest of the set was bleh. As always I apologize to the Sludge fans.

Finally after 3 fails,I finally got to see GoreGrind/Death Metal. Exhumed. Everyone started screaming. They came out with their brutal vocals. Kids started to jump on stage. They started off with some new songs like As Hammer To Anvil and such. After the bouncers started to throw kids off stage they did some old songs like "Limb From Limb" and "Casket Crusher"and their most known song "Matter Of Splatter". They were great the crowd by talking to them and giving us high fives. Some Zombie guy came off  stage to throw fake blood from decapitated head. After being pushed all over and screaming my lungs off,show was over. Hopefully ill see em soon. They were amazing. I recommend them to fans of Carcass,Cannibal Corpse,and even Slayer. The album "Gore Metal" is a true great Metal album.